Mindfulness: The master key to mental wellness during the COVID-19 lockdown

Having worked for causes like gender sensitivity, children and women welfare and human trafficking, I am an activist committed to spreading awareness on the significance of mental health COVID-19, what…

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How to get a good internship in your law career?

Gaining a basic understanding of the subject matter, networking and creating a crisp CV are some of the essentials required to crack the internship code I am a fourth-year B.B.A….

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Himalayan Nari Shakti Samman conferred on UPES faculty

Dr. Neelu Jyoti Ahuja, Professor and Head, Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, UPES, has been awarded the prestigious Second Himalayan Nari Shakti Samman-2020. Dr. Ahuja has also been…

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The true meaning of Quality Education

In an increasingly polarized world, there is a growing need for value education and academicians have an important role to play in the character-building of their students Linguistic communication or…

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UPES team shortlisted for the ‘I innovate’ challenge

Team Retrofit, comprising UPES’ Mechanical Engineering students and their faculty mentor, was shortlisted for the ‘I innovate’ challenge at KPIT Sparkle 2020, for designing a Retrofit Camera system for road…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and crisis communication: Lessons for the future

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses in the existing public health communication systems even in the most powerful and advanced countries of the world and highlighted the urgent need to restructure…

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My TED story: Ideas worth spreading

Host of a top-ranking comedy podcast, vlogger, TEDx speaker, global collaborator and now a budding author…the world is my oyster! Simply because I never gave up on my dreams We…

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Why AM/FM radio continues to reach more consumers than any other medium?

With issues of national interest being broadcast on radio, and a chance to listen to the leader of the nation addressing citizens everywhere, audiences tune in frequently and further engage…

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My life revolves around books

After authoring and co-authoring several technical books, I am now looking forward to writing on subjects such as spirituality and work-life balance I had always dreamt of writing a book…

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My first-ever scratch project

From creating a vertical hanging garden out of old broken wooden frames and bamboo water bottle holder, to using the old telephones and ballcocks as an art installation, we tried…

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Center for Aviation, UPES, recognised as Center for Excellence by IATA

IATA has conferred this recognition upon the Centre for Aviation at UPES based on the professional capabilities exhibited in terms of the number of students enrolled, attaining higher graduate rate…

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Future trends in healthcare to look out for

What seemed to be science fiction, has started to become a reality. With the advancements in technology, the future is set to be exciting and challenging Artificial Intelligence is monitoring…

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STEM girls

Preparing girl students for ‘New Collar Jobs’ in STEM

UPES under its ‘Shakti’ initiative, offers 25% scholarship on tuition fees for all girl students for the complete program duration ‘She is a woman. Oh! She can’t excel in science…

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Alternative law careers: What to do if you don’t want to be a lawyer?

An education in law isn’t supposed to bind you to one career choice. It should be an enabler A career in law is one of the most respectable ones in…

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online learning

Aiming for excellence in the online education ecosystem

Dr Alka Dwiwedi is leading a prestigious David Wilson Award grant project on ‘Improving Teaching Effectiveness in E-Learning Environment’. She aims to introduce some innovative pedagogies for the benefit of…

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New Corona Virus (COVID-19): Who is at higher risk?

Although WHO states that people of all ages can be infected by New Corona Virus (2019-nCOV), a certain section of the population is more vulnerable. It includes: 1. People 65…

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India's missile woman

India’s Missile Woman Interacts with Students

Distinguished Scientist and Director General-DRDO Dr. Tessy Thomas visited UPES recently for National Space Convention 2020 Uttarakhand witnessed its second National Space Convention, Renaissance 2.0 in collaboration with Uttarakhand Science…

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ulaw and upes

Professional Development Workshop Organised by The University of Law, UK and UPES School of Law

In a University, it is imperative to exchange ideas, teaching pedagogy, and give students an overall exposure to make them professionally ready for the international market. University of Petroleum and…

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student studying for exam


Health sciences is the discipline of applied sciences which deals with the health of humans and animals. Health sciences primarily involves two fields. The first one is the study, research,…

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Girl Education

Make Education for Girls a Priority

Parents and educators are key facilitators who can help dispel stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing higher education. And one of the best ways to do that is to create…

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Technology Students

UPES – Microsoft Collaboration

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Microsoft.  This unique collaboration will provide courses for UPES students. They will also receive a certificate from Microsoft upon…

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Beyond MBA: Life Skills at UPES

When students decide to pursue MBA, they are perhaps unaware of how vibrant the course is, especially at UPES. To be pushed out from your comfort zone, and realise that…

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Aastha UPES

We all want to be understood, but for that, we need to understand first!

My journey at UPES started in June 2018 as a Business Analytics student. For the first time, I was leaving home for studies. I thought it would be a difficult…

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Tisca Chopra at Shakti Event

UPES Shakti – Bridging the Gender Gap from Classroom to Boardroom

Women’s education in India is still a hot topic of discussion. Patriarchal mindset, gender stereotyping, lack of financial support are a few hindrances women face while pursuing their education. Ministry…

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Upskilling Matters: Why a Degree is No Longer Enough to Meet Industry Demands?

In a competitive job market, a basic B.Com, MBA, B.Sc, Law or a BA degree is no longer enough to meet the industry demands. With the increase in competition every…

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hospitality and tourism

The Boom of Tourism Industry and How Can You Fit In

In today’s fast-pacing world, the tourism and hospitality sector has taken the world by a storm. With some exciting and lucrative career options, this industry has a long way to…

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World Diabetes Day 2019: Preventive Tips for Students to Manage Diabetes

Every year 14th November is observed as World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organization. The day is celebrated in response…

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National Cancer Awareness Day 2019: 6 Simple Lifestyle Tips for Students to Prevent Cancer

‘National Cancer Awareness Day’ was started in the year 2014 by the former Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. A life-threatening disease, spreading knowledge about the prevention, causes, and treatment…

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Junk food

Students, It’s Time to Get Healthy! Consequences of Eating Junk Food

Cheesy pizzas, burgers, French fries, hot chocolate, noodles, and pastries! Junk food has become a part and parcel of our life. In today’s busy schedules, a lot of people consume…

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School of Smart Agriculture: Scope and Career Opportunities

One of the most important fields, the agricultural sector has always been regarded as the backbone of the Indian economy. Time and again, the agriculture sector has significantly contributed to…

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Career opportunities after choosing Commerce

Most Promising Career Options after Choosing Commerce in Class 12th

Gone are the days when a science student would have more career options as compared to a commerce student. In recent years, commerce has wide scope and there are numerous…

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Healthcare management

A Look at the Scope and Job Opportunities of Healthcare Management Careers

Are you looking forward to pursuing a specialized BBA program?  Well! Apart from BBA in marketing, finance, operations, sales, human resource and much more; even BBA in Hospital and Healthcare…

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Fashion Designer

Do you Have what it Takes to Make a Mark in the Fashion Industry?

In today’s world, while there are numerous career options for students, it becomes challenging for them to decide which is the right field for them. Students might get confused as…

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BBA course

BBA – Your First Step to the Business World

Today’s business world is evolving and more dynamic than ever. Students who wish to enter the field of management can best do by pursuing a BBA specialization. At UPES School…

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Evolution of Agritech

Evolution of AgriTech: Experts show the way

UPES students stand to benefit from the insights of advisory board members, comprising a diverse set of experts The Industrial Revolution changed the face of agriculture forever. Humankind was able…

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