ulaw and upes

Professional Development Workshop Organised by The University of Law, UK and UPES School of Law

In a University, it is imperative to exchange ideas, teaching pedagogy, and give students an overall exposure to make them professionally ready for the international market. University of Petroleum and…

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B-Schools trends 2020

The Business of B-Schools – 5 Trends That Will Change the Way B-Schools Work

Demonstrating cues of a rebound, the Indian economy has begun treading the floors of recovery. The mast that was bent during the storm of slowdown shows signs of standing upright,…

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devender sahni

Faculty Brings Laurels to UPES

Intro: Work done by Dr Devender Saini, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UPES School of Engineering, has been adopted by Southern Railways to reduce fault-finding time in Electric Traction Lines. India…

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Lakshmi Kaushik - UPES Alumni

Heaven it was!

I don’t want to go to that place again, No, it didn’t give me any kind of pain It’s just that I love it the most, And I never wanted…

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UPES partners with Drishti

Industry Collaborations With UPES School of Health Sciences

UPES partners with Drishti Eye Institute Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Drishti Eye Institute.  This collaboration will provide clinical and experiential training to students….

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student studying for exam


Health sciences is the discipline of applied sciences which deals with the health of humans and animals. Health sciences primarily involves two fields. The first one is the study, research,…

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Girl Education

Make Education for Girls a Priority

Parents and educators are key facilitators who can help dispel stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing higher education. And one of the best ways to do that is to create…

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Technology Students

UPES – Microsoft Collaboration

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Microsoft.  This unique collaboration will provide courses for UPES students. They will also receive a certificate from Microsoft upon…

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Beyond MBA: Life Skills at UPES

When students decide to pursue MBA, they are perhaps unaware of how vibrant the course is, especially at UPES. To be pushed out from your comfort zone, and realise that…

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Aastha UPES

We all want to be understood, but for that, we need to understand first!

My journey at UPES started in June 2018 as a Business Analytics student. For the first time, I was leaving home for studies. I thought it would be a difficult…

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UPES Shakti Event

UPES Shakti – Bridging Gender Gap from Classroom to Boardroom

Women’s education in India is still a hot topic of discussion. Patriarchal mindset, gender stereotyping, lack of financial support are a few hindrances women face while pursuing their education. Ministry…

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machine learning

An IT Essential: Innovative Applications of Machine Learning

Machine learning has gained momentum in the field of computer science over the past few years. Its applications have already transformed the way many industries function and is continuing to…

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Podcasts are Set to Change the Media Landscape – Here’s How!

Evolving technology is changing the way we consume information. One of the most compelling mediums that is on a meteoric rise is Podcasts. A podcast is essentially an on-demand radio…

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Artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing? Key Trends in 2020

After the dominance of internet, perhaps the next thing to revolutionize our lives will be Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI has already been used extensively in the technologies we…

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smart agriculture

The Future of Agriculture is Smart Agriculture

The biggest challenge of the coming decades for all of humanity will be food. As populations grow, and climate change makes seasons hard to predict, we will have to work…

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Upskilling Matters

In a competitive job market, a basic B.Com, MBA, B.Sc, Law or a BA degree is no longer enough to meet the industry demands. With the increase in competition every…

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A Journey Worth Cherishing

In August 2017, my journey at UPES MUN Club commenced from being an Organizing Committee Member. From appearing in the interview to meeting the selection criteria, I went through the…

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Got Wings, Will Fly

I am delighted to share my journey of the past three semesters as a student of MBA Aviation at the UPES campus, ensconced in verdant green surroundings. My journey started…

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UPES Alumni

Introducing Exclusive Offerings for The Long-Term Success of UPES Alumni

As graduates of the institution, alumni play an important role and have a special connection with the university. Alumni are the most loyal supporters of any university. An engaged alumni…

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Arzoo Sharma

A prodigious journey

Great opportunities are yours, if only you know how to recognise and seize them! In June 2018, the journey of my MBA at UPES started with an orientation session –…

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Trends in media industry

The Future of Media: Key Trends in 2020 and Beyond

The last decade witnessed massive changes in the way consumers perceive media, how media houses run their businesses and how marketers advertise. From reading newspapers to scrolling news on apps,…

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Why Future Engineers Must Have Global Competencies

Advances in information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are disrupting business models worldwide and triggering macro-economic shifts. As certain technologies mature and automation helps innovation flourish to bring cost savings,…

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smart agriculture

Top Five Careers in Smart Agriculture that No One Tells You About

Technology to modern man is what fire was for the cavemen. From the Industrial Revolution to the advent of the World Wide Web, technology has revolutionized industries. For the agriculture…

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Smart agriculture

Rains or Drones, How Modern Farmers are Increasing Their Yield

As the world population grows, farmers will have to produce more food in the same arable area. To achieve this, while practicing sustainable farming, farmers are switching to precision agriculture…

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Girl child

Promoting Girls’ Education: Ensuring a Healthier and Happier Society

Education is a basic human right, yet there are millions of children who are deprived of this right. Constituting approximately half of the world’s population, women form a significant global…

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Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought-after courses for students these days. The future belongs to specialisations. Keeping that in mind, UPES Dehradun offers various specialised programs…

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CONNOISSEUR- Literary Society

CONNOISSEUR – Fraternity of Young Litterateurs at UPES

Connoisseur, the Literary Club of UPES, has completed three successful years of its existence. Since its inception, the club has gone on to become one of the most successful student…

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Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology? Why is it important?

In simple terms, blockchain technology is a fixed set of data that is regulated and controlled by a network of computers. This data and information (i.e. block) is safe and…

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MBA oil and gas

Want to Differentiate Yourself in the Market? Go for MBA Oil And Gas Management

In today’s world, specialisation is the key in order to be successful in the industry. Amidst many cutting-edge specialisations, students might get confused as to which one will help them…

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AI and Machine Learning

The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Terminator, Automata, Chapie, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Uncanny, Wall-E, and I Robot had a common element. The theme of these spectacular movies was artificial intelligence….

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Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option? Have a Look

Before we get into digital marketing as a career option, let us first understand what does digital marketing actually mean? In simple terms, digital marketing involves the promotion of products…

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Why You Should be a Part of an Alumni Association? Find Out.

You’ll always remember your first day in college. You were probably sitting alone, anxious about the new beginning, and excited about the future. You opened up to new experiences, created…

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Modern media

A Beginner’s Guide to BBA Events, PR and Corporate Communication

With a plethora of career opportunities these days, choosing the perfect one might be a tedious task. Folks you should not worry at all. If you like socializing, public speaking,…

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Reduce exam fear

How to Overcome Exam Fear? 5 Useful Tips for Students

Exams! Exams! Exams! Exam fear is a common problem among students of all age groups. Students become nervous or panic-stricken when exams are around the corner. Students usually undergo a…

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upes partners with ulaw

UPES collaborates with the University of Law (UK) for a Global Education Experience

UPES organized a legal conference in Delhi to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Law (ULaw). This tie-up is another step to provide…

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UPES School of Design

Design Aspirants, you Must Give This a Read!

There are fewer students who take admissions in fields like Medicine, Chartered Accountant, MBA or Engineering.  Instead, they opt for courses like Design, Media, Health Sciences or even Oil and…

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B.Tech civil engineering

Promising Career Options for B.Tech Civil Engineers: Which One is Right for You?

One of the oldest engineering specialisations; civil engineering is one of the most promising and sought-after options in India. B. Tech in civil engineering is an undergraduate engineering program. Any…

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UPES GD PI Schedule

UPES Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) Schedule

MBA GD/PI Schedule: Date City Venue Address Reporting Time Contact Number 08-Feb Lucknow Hotel Levana72, M. G. Marg, Opposite Multi Level Parking, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001 9:30 AM 1800-102-8737 08-Feb Bhopal COURTYARD…

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hospitality and tourism

The Boom of Tourism Industry and How Can You Fit In

In today’s fast-pacing world, the tourism and hospitality sector has taken the world by a storm. With some exciting and lucrative career options, this industry has a long way to…

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World Diabetes Day 2019: Preventive Tips for Students to Manage Diabetes

Every year 14th November is observed as World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organization. The day is celebrated in response…

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Challenges of a 21st-Century Law Professional: Justice Dipak Misra tells us all

When we talk about modern skills, modern paradigms, challenges; a base, a ground, a strong foundation is required.  According to Justice Dipak Misra, law students should be confident and never…

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National Cancer Awareness Day 2019: 6 Simple Lifestyle Tips for Students to Prevent Cancer

‘National Cancer Awareness Day’ was started in the year 2014 by the former Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. A life-threatening disease, spreading knowledge about the prevention, causes, and treatment…

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School of Media

School of Media: Career Opportunities In The World Of Information And Communication

Over the past few years, the field of mass media and communication has evolved humongously. Media is a broad field of study that deals with content, history, and effects of…

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Junk food

Students, It’s Time to Get Healthy! Consequences of Eating Junk Food

Cheesy pizzas, burgers, French fries, hot chocolate, noodles, and pastries! Junk food has become a part and parcel of our life. In today’s busy schedules, a lot of people consume…

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School of Smart Agriculture: Scope and Career Opportunities

One of the most important fields, the agricultural sector has always been regarded as the backbone of the Indian economy. Time and again, the agriculture sector has significantly contributed to…

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Career opportunities after choosing Commerce

Most Promising Career Options after Choosing Commerce in Class 12th

Gone are the days when a science student would have more career options as compared to a commerce student. In recent years, commerce has wide scope and there are numerous…

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Healthcare management

A Look at the Scope and Job Opportunities of Healthcare Management Careers

Are you looking forward to pursuing a specialized BBA program?  Well! Apart from BBA in marketing, finance, operations, sales, human resource and much more; even BBA in Hospital and Healthcare…

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Fashion Designer

Do you Have what it Takes to Make a Mark in the Fashion Industry?

In today’s world, while there are numerous career options for students, it becomes challenging for them to decide which is the right field for them. Students might get confused as…

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BBA course

BBA – Your First Step to the Business World

Today’s business world is evolving and more dynamic than ever. Students who wish to enter the field of management can best do by pursuing a BBA specialization. At UPES School…

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