Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology? Why is it important?

In simple terms, blockchain technology is a fixed set of data that is regulated and controlled by a network of computers. This data and information (i.e. block) is safe and…

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MBA oil and gas

Want to Differentiate Yourself in the Market? Go for MBA Oil And Gas Management

In today’s world, specialisation is the key in order to be successful in the industry. Amidst many cutting-edge specialisations, students might get confused as to which one will help them…

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AI and Machine Learning

The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Terminator, Automata, Chapie, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Uncanny, Wall-E, and I Robot had a common element. The theme of these spectacular movies was artificial intelligence….

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Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option? Have a Look

Before we get into digital marketing as a career option, let us first understand what does digital marketing actually mean? In simple terms, digital marketing involves the promotion of products…

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Why You Should be a Part of an Alumni Association. Find Out.

You’ll always remember your first day in college. You were probably sitting alone, anxious about the new beginning, and excited about the future. You opened up to new experiences, created…

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Modern media

A Beginner’s Guide to BBA Events, PR and Corporate Communication

With a plethora of career opportunities these days, choosing the perfect one might be a tedious task. Folks you should not worry at all. If you like socializing, public speaking,…

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Reduce exam fear

5 Useful Tips for Overcoming Exam Fear

Exams! Exams! Exams! Exam fear is a common problem among students of all age groups. Students become nervous or panic-stricken when exams are around the corner. Students usually undergo a…

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upes partners with ulaw

UPES collaborates with the University of Law (UK) for a Global Education Experience

UPES organized a legal conference in Delhi to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Law (ULaw). This tie-up is another step to provide…

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