Upskilling Matters: Why a Degree is No Longer Enough to Meet Industry Demands

In a competitive job market, a basic B.Com, MBA, B.Sc, Law or a BA degree is no longer enough to meet the industry demands. With the increase in competition every…

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A Journey Worth Cherishing

In August 2017, my journey at UPES MUN Club commenced from being an Organizing Committee Member. From appearing in the interview to meeting the selection criteria, I went through the…

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Got Wings, Will Fly

I am delighted to share my journey of the past three semesters as a student of MBA Aviation at the UPES campus, ensconced in verdant green surroundings. My journey started…

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UPES Alumni

Introducing Exclusive Offerings for The Long-Term Success of UPES Alumni

As graduates of the institution, alumni play an important role and have a special connection with the university. Alumni are the most loyal supporters of any university. An engaged alumni…

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Arzoo Sharma

A prodigious journey

Great opportunities are yours, if only you know how to recognise and seize them! In June 2018, the journey of my MBA at UPES started with an orientation session –…

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Trends in media industry

The Future of Media: Key Trends in 2020 and Beyond

The last decade witnessed massive changes in the way consumers perceive media, how media houses run their businesses and how marketers advertise. From reading newspapers to scrolling news on apps,…

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Why Future Engineers Must Have Global Competencies

Advances in information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are disrupting business models worldwide and triggering macro-economic shifts. As certain technologies mature and automation helps innovation flourish to bring cost savings,…

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smart agriculture

Top Five Careers in Smart Agriculture that No One Tells You About

Technology to modern man is what fire was for the cavemen. From the Industrial Revolution to the advent of the World Wide Web, technology has revolutionized industries. For the agriculture…

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Smart agriculture

Rains or Drones, How Modern Farmers are Increasing Their Yield

As the world population grows, farmers will have to produce more food in the same arable area. To achieve this, while practicing sustainable farming, farmers are switching to precision agriculture…

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Girl child

Promoting Girls’ Education: Ensuring a Healthier and Happier Society

Education is a basic human right, yet there are millions of children who are deprived of this right. Constituting approximately half of the world’s population, women form a significant global…

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