UPES partners with Drishti

Industry Collaborations With UPES School of Health Sciences

UPES partners with Drishti Eye Institute Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Drishti Eye Institute.  This collaboration will provide clinical and experiential training to students….

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student studying for exam


Health sciences is the discipline of applied sciences which deals with the health of humans and animals. Health sciences primarily involves two fields. The first one is the study, research,…

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Girl Education

How education can dispel gender stereotypes

Parents and educators are key facilitators who can help dispel stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing higher education. And one of the best ways to do that is to create…

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Technology Students

UPES – Microsoft Collaboration

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Microsoft.  This unique collaboration will provide courses for UPES students. They will also receive a certificate from Microsoft upon…

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Beyond MBA: Life Skills at UPES

When students decide to pursue MBA, they are perhaps unaware of how vibrant the course is, especially at UPES. To be pushed out from your comfort zone, and realise that…

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Aastha UPES

We all want to be understood, but for that, we need to understand first!

My journey at UPES started in June 2018 as a Business Analytics student. For the first time, I was leaving home for studies. I thought it would be a difficult…

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Tisca Chopra at Shakti Event

UPES Shakti – Bridging the Gender Gap from Classroom to Boardroom

Women’s education in India is still a hot topic of discussion. Patriarchal mindset, gender stereotyping, lack of financial support are a few hindrances women face while pursuing their education. Ministry…

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machine learning

An IT Essential: Innovative Applications of Machine Learning

Machine learning has gained momentum in the field of computer science over the past few years. Its applications have already transformed the way many industries function and is continuing to…

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Podcasts are Set to Change the Media Landscape – Here’s How!

Evolving technology is changing the way we consume information. One of the most compelling mediums that is on a meteoric rise is Podcasts. A podcast is essentially an on-demand radio…

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Artificial intelligence

AI 2020 – Everything to know about key trends and beyond

After the dominance of internet, perhaps the next thing to revolutionize our lives will be Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI has already been used extensively in the technologies we…

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