Nutritionists vs Dieticians: What’s the difference?

Dietician and nutritionist are two professions different in terms of education, qualifications, roles and responsibilities It is common for many people to think that the two health care professions “dietician”…

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Woman pilot soars high

Becoming the first commercial pilot from her hometown, Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan, Surabhi has made not only her family, but also the entire UPES community proud of her achievement. Excerpts…

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Role of communication and communicators in time of crisis

Future-proof curriculum, advanced media labs, industry visits and case studies, and mentoring from industry giants assures students of an education that is at par with global standards and relevant for…

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UPES student designs electric scooter ‘Switch’ for a pollution-free commute

Adhithya Vishnu M, Final year B. Design student, School of Design, suggests a unique electric scooter model called ‘Switch’ to help build a sustainable commute option after the lockdown period…

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Global recognition for UPES faculty

Gunjan Chhabra, Assistant Professor, Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, got his research featured as one of the world’s top biofield-based technologies The faculty at UPES continuously strive for…

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Recruiters often say ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ people. Here’s why

In these uncertain times, success in the workplace requires more than education, theoretical knowledge and experience. Today, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is as important as Intelligence  Quotient (IQ) If you have…

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Tomorrow starts now: Fact sheet for a media college

Media has played a crucial role in the modern world and in the current turmoil, the need for well-versed professionals is being felt more than ever before The UPES School…

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Automated sanitizer machine built by UPES students with limited resources

Final year students of School of Computer Science, UPES, make the best use of lockdown and program a fully automated sanitizer machine to deal with the pandemic UPES students never…

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4 ways for students to remain productive during lockdown

Although the lockdown puts restriction on the movement of people, students can make the most out of this situation Usually every semester is the same for UPES students – college…

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Importance of specializations in Computer Science

Ever since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989, technology has been growing exponentially and has penetrated every aspect of our lives – both personal and professional. In…

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