UPES faculty develops ‘Sanirobo’ for contactless sanitization

The self-powered, camera-featured model titled ‘Sanitizing Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Sanitizer Solution’, automatically sanitizes small pockets and densely populated areas Ms. Shubhi Sharma, faculty at the UPES School of…

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5 easy tips to reconnect with your creativity

Creativity is a skill many assume to be unlearnable, but these simple tips can help you unleash your creative side Creativity is a skill that can be developed, however, it…

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Public Relations in the Digital Age

The UPES School of Modern Media organised an insightful and interactive webinar on ‘Public Relations in the Digital Age’. Professor K.G. Suresh, Dean, School of Modern Media, UPES, moderated the…

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Get started with the UPES app

UPES launched a dedicated mobile app for its students and applicants. The app has been meticulously designed to facilitate online learning and help students get an overview of all things…

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Why is volunteering important for students?

The purpose of quality education is to nurture the right values in students, making them active participants in the affairs of the community and the nation Business education should focus…

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Learning continues, one webinar at a time

Learning never stops has become an anthem at UPES, uniting students and faculty, a rallying cry that is symbolic of our refusal to submit to the times Life must go…

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UPES student exchange program: Unforgettable and transformational experience

Student exchange programs are one of the most beautiful and enriching elements of being a student at UPES. University offers exchange programs to foreign universities such as Polytech Nantes France,…

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How I cracked GATE in the first attempt

I pursued my B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from the UPES batch of 2015. I thankfully cracked GATE, which is a highly coveted examination for any engineering student, in my very…

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The experiences at UPES that shaped my life

It has been an incredible journey filled with learning – both inside and outside the classroom College life is memorable for all of us; the same goes for me as…

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Researchers at UPES develop unique sanitizing system for public transport

A team of researchers from UPES, including two students and faculty members, designed an automated detection, sanitization and screening system for fighting COVID-19 in public transport. The design system is…

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