Law careers

5 traits hotshot corporate lawyers should possess

Corporate law involves working closely with companies and organizations to advise them about legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities The legal field is considered prestigious as it helps an individual or…

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5 skills top recruiters will seek in a professional post COVID-19

In today’s volatile world, where business operations are changing rapidly, the power of soft skills has emerged as one of the few constants. The current COVID-19 catastrophe has altered the…

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3 wonderful ways storytelling can help you to crack job interviews

Stories are an age-old way of imparting information and education across the world. Storytelling is an important and effective tool in the interview process. Short, honest and appealing anecdotes can…

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UPES leads the way in design careers

With every single eligible student placed in leading design companies, the UPES School of Design has kept its students ahead despite the pandemic Under the guidance of Dean Manisha Mohan…

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TV anchoring and reporting in the age of social media

Media is often perceived as a glamorous industry, but it takes a lot of hard work, research and professional training to become a successful TV reporter The UPES School of…

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It’s okay to not be okay: Managing your mental health in a new reality

UPES offers a tele-counselling service staffed by experts, called #UPESCares As lockdown comes to an end, and the world prepares to go out, restart factories, and resume commitments again, it…

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Role of digital marketing in a post-COVID world

Marketers who chose the digital path, found themselves holding a silver lining when the global market was in the dark The fundamental purpose of marketing is to attract as many…

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UPES student develops Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for workplace

Third-year B.Tech. Mechatronics student, Abhinav Mudgal, has developed a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser machine for workplaces, under the guidance of the faculty of Mechanical Department Maintaining sound hygiene is the…

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How preserving forests is an exigency to sustain life

Protection of the environment is imperative and cannot be ignored by the world. The success stories of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environment Agency (EA) in the USA…

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Why corporates are looking for a blend of engineering and business acumen

The workplaces have changed. Companies are aggressively hiring ‘T-shaped’ engineering professionals, who can provide solutions in both technical as well as managerial fields 1.5 million. This is the number of…

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