How engineers can be active contributors to business decisions

Engineers must possess pragmatic decision-making abilities, skills to comprehend and analyse large amounts of information and develop sound business strategies in order to meet the current industry demands The demand…

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How I put Coding and Programming skills to work

In the complete leader board, combining all the hackathons, I secured AIR 25 among 6500 coders Following your dreams is usually easier said than done. A little motivation and inspiration…

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What it’s like to be an international student at UPES

Maria Bernadete Munto from Cabinda, a small city in north of Angola, recounts how her degree in BBA Oil and Gas from UPES gave her an edge over her peers…

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How digital transformation is reshaping the aviation sector

The aviation sector is increasingly making use of emerging technologies to maintain flight safety and enhance customer experience The aviation industry is going through an era of transformation using digital…

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Tech businesses surge ahead despite the pandemic

In every situation, there is an opportunity. The profits made by tech businesses even amidst the crisis show that there is some good news after all 2020 will always be…

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International internship taught me the art of time management

International internships do not imply round-the-clock studying; they are a good blend of work, fun and exploration I always had a dream of visiting Europe, exploring its culture and experiencing…

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Mentoring meets innovation during COVID-19

Quality mentoring greatly enhances a student’s chances of success by providing the desired support, guidance and nurturing Mentoring is a powerful tool, which can help students develop their personality. It…

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6 ways a student exchange program can help you in your career

A student exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which transforms your academic future. It makes you self-reliant and enhances the prospects of your employability Participating in a student exchange program…

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ULSAT 2020-Stepping stone to your successful law career

UPES School of Law prepares students for rewarding careers with its exceptional pedagogy, carefully crafted curriculum and unique instructional methods modelled after global trends in law education An intellectually stimulating…

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How a scholarship from UPES changed a student’s life

Aayushi Verma, a girl determined to pursue her dreams, bagged 100% scholarship from UPES in 2016 and is now aspiring for higher education in one of the Ivy League schools…

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