Design careers with high earning potential

Students who want to pursue a career in design should have a certain amount of visual flair and an interest in combining the aesthetic with the functional Design is an…

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UPES researchers develop COVID Ventilator Prototype System with Nenotech Pvt. Ltd.

The prototype is intended for demonstrating the working of actual ventilator being used in treating and monitoring patients with COVID-19 A COVID Ventilator Prototype System has been developed by the…

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A call of learning – Building a strong foundation for the 2020 batch

Masterclasses are extremely popular among students because it gives them an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a new, exciting thing For the #ResilientClassOf2020, it has been a testing summer….

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Career options for Public Policy graduates

There is an increasing demand for Public Policy graduates in the public sector, research organisations, non-profit organisations, consulting firms and international organisations. If you aspire to join the Civil Services,…

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Become an all-round business professional with B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.)

A law professional with a strong commerce background will be an attractive candidate for prospective employers. Corporates are increasingly looking for people who can give legal insights to better manage…

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Life of a law student: Things you should know

A law student’s life is a healthy mix of academics, extra-curricular activities and social life. The journey of a student in a law school totally depends on how the student…

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A stint at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, Japan, for UPES student

After clearing two rounds of rigorous interviews spanning over a week, Utsav Nangalia was selected to attend the Freshman Trainee Program at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC) in Japan Utsav Nangalia, a student of…

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How a UPES alumna successfully crafted her dream career in Avionics Engineering

Tanya Manchanda is currently working as an Avionics Engineer with Boeing, India. She is a celebrated employee and has been felicitated by the company for her active participation in organisational…

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What gives UPES law graduates an edge over others

UPES School of Law prepares students for rewarding careers with its exceptional pedagogy, carefully-crafted curriculum and unique instructional methods modelled after global trends in law education Legal profession is a…

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5 tips for making the most of your MBA program at UPES

Business school is all about exploration and going the extra mile, so your goal should be to draw the maximum mileage out of the resources at your disposal Applying to…

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