Solar Tree powered electric bicycle – A step towards sustainable transport

Researchers at UPES take a step ahead in their commitment to a sustainable and environment-friendly future Researchers Dr. Roushan Kumar, Divyanshu (M. Tech- Automation and Robotics), Basant Singh Bhaskar (B.Tech…

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UPES facilitates learning beyond the classroom

Pre-Semester Learning program at UPES School of Law aims at nurturing students with the desired knowledge and powerful perspectives on the broad trends in the legal profession COVID-19 and the…

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Why IT professionals should opt for M.Tech by Research

M.Tech by Research aims to equip working professionals and aspiring research scholars with esoteric knowledge of industry problems and inculcate in them the acumen to undertake investigations and devise novel,…

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Never too late to go a degree higher! Lateral entry at UPES

Our strong industry connect, our constant strive to innovate, our strong academic partnerships, and our continuous focus on digitization of education is what forms the core of the UPES advantage…

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Role of pharmacists in the global healthcare system

World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on September 25 every year to promote awareness about the importance and role of pharmacists in today’s world Pharmacists comprise the third-largest group of healthcare…

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Here’s why the demand for clinical researchers will surge post COVID-19

With the number of infectious disease outbreaks gradually but inexorably increasing, the world would need an army of clinical researchers to create life-saving medicines It was the end of December…

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Climate change conversations will seek the expertise of Energy Law professionals

To implement action plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience, constant changes are being made in strategy, legislation, policy, and approach of governments as well as private…

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UPES becomes NSS Nodal Centre: What the students stand to gain

UPES has added yet another feather to its cap by becoming the Nodal Centre of National Service Scheme (NSS) for Uttarakhand Since its inception, UPES has made enormous strides in…

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Why educational institutions must realign strategies with economic realities

It is often said that challenges are crucibles in which leadership and character are forged. With the ongoing sluggishness in the economy, this may just be the right time for…

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5 career prospects after LLM in Criminal Law

With the rise in white-collar crimes, the prospects look bright for students wanting to pursue a degree in Criminal Law In recent times, many practicing lawyers are enrolling themselves in…

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