3 wonderful ways storytelling can help you to crack job interviews

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10 Responses

  1. Ma’am, Your boosters always work.
    Thank you for this beautiful personality enhancement capsule.

  2. Rahul kumar says:

    Thankful Ma’am for this wonderful lesson that means a lot to me ? nd I’ll definitely apply these traits in coming interview.

  3. Thank you so much, mam!
    I sincerely missed these conversations on career and personal development and needed to listen once again! This is a very interesting blog, and I’d love to make my friends and family read it, as the storytelling perspective is something, we come across every day!!

  4. Rachit Gore says:

    Thank you so much Ma’am.
    After reading this I have got a brief about the process of interview, storytelling is one of the way by which , one can express his/her feelings very effectively and much more efficiently. Thanks once again !

  5. Thankyou mam,
    Every line you say, sorts out a little life of mine.

  6. Dikshit Sharma says:

    As much as I loved it, I was able to connect with the significance that this blog holds while an interview.
    This is the utmost important aspect for those who aim to win the interview. And I deadly need to update my story to the one in perfect sync with the SHE model.
    Thank you so much for this!

  7. Purnayan Mitra says:

    Ma’am, you are really a confidence coach. Anytime I read
    your posts or talk to you, I don’t know I get filled with so much confidence.

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