4 reasons why industrial visits are important for students

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  1. ruchi tyagi says:

    Pankhuri glad to read your inputs. proud of you..

  2. Great . Thanks Pankhuri for sharing

  3. VIKAS KUMAR says:

    Comprehensively written account nicely bringing out multiple facets of industrial visits.

    • Shubham patkar says:

      Industrial visit is also a dream of many students and the way you describe your Journey of industrial visit is very nice and very interesting

  4. Meenakshi Sharma says:

    Well written

  5. Twinkle bhatia says:

    Loved it♥️
    Great work🙌

  6. Sakshi Gaur says:

    Great work💯💯

  7. Prasad Sirsikar says:

    Yes indeed, UPES has given students a grateful and experienced visits in various industries. Thanks Pankhuri for sharing the memories of your Industrial Visit.

  8. Ishaan Sharan Awasthi says:

    Great Job ❤️💯

  9. Sanskriti Singhal says:

    Great work Pankhuri😇

  10. Prakhar Chaurasia says:

    Great Work Pankhuri 💯

  11. Saurabh says:

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  12. Komal singh says:

    Great work 👍loved it 💞

  13. saniya usman says:

    Great work pankhuri..💯💯

  14. Prarita says:

    Great bro..keep it up ✨✨

  15. Sakshi says:

    Nice work Pankhuri Di 💯

  16. Shivangi Gawande says:

    Hey You Nailed It ,Very Well Done Bro ❤

  17. Priya Pramod says:

    Nicely written.

  18. Akash Thakkar says:

    Great work 💯

  19. Ridhika Agarwal says:

    Beautifully penned down.
    Great job, Pankhuri 💯

  20. Dr. Atul Razdan says:

    You have written a great blog. We are happy you gained immensely from the industrial visit.

  21. Jayant says:

    Carry on . Don’t stop :’)

  22. Ishvi Makker says:

    Great work pankhuri😍

  23. Ishita malik says:

    Great work pankhuri 😘

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