4 reasons why one should experience hostel life

Hostel life can transform your personality completely. Stepping out of the comfort of your home equips you with all the essential life skills you need to survive

Every girl dreams of exploring the world and reaching out for the stars, but very few get the chance to do so. I feel blessed to have had my parents’ support to fly high and pursue my dream of higher education.

Owing to my father’s transferable job as a civil engineer, I got the opportunity to travel and stay in various cities of India. However, I never went away from my parents for studies. So, deep down I nursed this desire to experience living on my own.

I really looked forward to my hostel life when I enrolled into UPES for my BBA in 2018. As luck would have it, I got the kind of room I had envisioned for myself in the campus hostel.

When my family came to drop me off for the first time, I was apprehensive – how would I be able to manage my life without them? However, time just flew and I have now completed two years as a hosteller. These have been the best years of my life as an independent girl.

Living in the campus hostel has been an enriching experience for me. It has helped me to gain a new perspective towards life.  

Sense of responsibility

Right from my day one, I was the driver of my own decisions. Waking up at 8.15 a.m. and still making it to the class at 8.30 surely sharpened my time management skills.

I would eat cakes during the first week of every month and it would descend to counting pennies towards the end of the month. The pocket pinches could never let me buy my favourite denim, but it surely taught me to value money and to handle my finances.

Every new day brought in new life lessons. All the things I depended on my mother for, I learnt to do on my own. It made me strong and self-reliant.

Sense of adaptability

My first experience of travelling alone by train, packing my bags, going to the station, finding my seat, the continuous thumping of my heart, until I was home – it just made me fearless and now I don’t hesitate to grab my backpack on impulse and step out for a new adventure every now and then.

During these two years, living with people from diverse backgrounds helped me to enhance my people skills. I learned how to fight the odds, be resilient, maintain my calm and keep going, no matter what.

Now I don’t hesitate to grab my backpack and step out for a new adventure every now and then

Memories for life

All the moments of fun we spend with our friends in the hostel on a daily basis become beautiful memories once we look back at them – preparing for midnight birthdays surprises, watching late night movies and then those long conversations on random topics. Studies become way easier at the hostel – you have friends who can come to your rescue if you have any doubts. We used to have combined study sessions and I credit a lot of my high grades to the preparation support by my roomies.

One thing that every hostel student excels at is making Maggi! With numerous recipes learned over the years, I am a pro at it now. Mess is the most happening zone of our hostel – we spar over gulab jamuns and earning an extra one is a victory in itself.

Making new connections

The hostel has become my second home and I love every bit of being here. I have connected with people from different cultures. I have fostered bonds that will endure forever. My friends have accepted me with all my crazy habits and mood swings. My interactions with them have helped me to develop a sense of acceptance towards people from diverse backgrounds. The hostel wardens, Ms Manju Pant and Ms Poonam Dhillon, have cared for me beyond the call of their duty. I really cherish being part of the hostel committee where I learned to contribute to the world around me.

The hostel has become my second home and I love every bit of being here

With a prayer in my heart and a wish on my lips, I look forward to going back to the campus and meeting all my hostel friends again.

(The writer is a student of BBA Core, 2nd year, in UPES School of Business)


  1. Hostel life has literally given so much so remember 🤩
    Every time and every day we had our own memories and it was great.
    Take us back 🤭

  2. Well depicted👌 You are great roomie.. things went well with your company😍 lot’s of love and good wishes to you🥰

    1. I really want to experience this life yr …bt ya padhke hi maja aaya let’s see kb moka milta hai experience krne ka …👀😁

  3. Beautifully penned. It brought vivid memories in my mind of my hostel days. Nostalgic feelings😌😌

  4. Well , clearly depicted all the complexities of hostel life and made us miss our college even more in this situation of pandemic…hope to be back soon

  5. Chetana read your expressive blog. You have impressively deeloped the soial competence . proud of you.

  6. Dear, hostel also miss you…classroom miss u n even we, faculties, miss you alot. Soon will see you all!!

  7. Very well relate Chetana! I could relate with every point you made and the way you’ve put your thoughts into words is just commendable. Keep up the good work😊

    1. thanks! I really appreciate your writings as well. They make you think about them for quite a long time.

  8. It scraped out so many memories while i read it!
    Very well written Chetana
    More power to you ❤️
    Looking forward to more of your work

  9. Very Well written! The timing is perfect since we all are missing our hostel life. You have described the things so accurately and beautifully.

    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes.

    1. Heyyy thanks! I miss you a lot because I don’t see anyone on staircase with their phones now. Meet soon!

  10. I really appreciate your writing skills…. although I’m not a hostelite…I could feel everything just through your writing… excellent work…keep your hard work like this dea💟

  11. I really appreciate your writing skills…even though I’m not a hostelite, I could feel everything just through your writing. All d best for your future writings dea💟

  12. Damn! So true. I can relate with each and every sentence 🙂. Very well written Rusia chetana. Cheers🍻 to hostel Life.

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