4 ways for students to remain productive during lockdown

Although the lockdown puts restriction on the movement of people, students can make the most out of this situation

Usually every semester is the same for UPES students – college fests, mid-semester exams, followed by a mid-semester break and some extra-curricular activities. This semester was also the same – a week-long holiday, assignments and preparations for internal assessments. But little did the students know what the future had in store for them.

The deadly coronavirus has created a havoc in everyone’s lives.  As the situation worsened, UPES sent the students home and initiated online classes. With the Prime Minister’s address on March 24, the entire nation was brought to a lockdown. Though the lockdown puts restriction on the movement of people, students can make the most out of this situation. Given below are some tips that can help students increase their productivity during this period of social distancing.

  • Read books: A lot of students are avid book readers. This is the time where students can update their reading list and read books that are not a part of their curriculum. Once the college reopens and they are back to their humdrum timetable, they might not get time to read for pleasure.
  • Unleash the creative side: Amidst the tedious college schedules, students are often unable to pursue their hobbies. So what better time than this to make time for creative pursuits – be it music, dance, art, or craftwork? Students can work on new skills, such as cooking or baking. While the nation is fighting the war against Covid-19, students can turn this into an opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Meditation: One of the best things to do for students during isolation is de-stress themselves by meditation. Students do face excess academic stress these days. Meditating will help students relieve their stress and get rid of anxiety. Moreover, it will help them to stay relaxed, concentrate better and bring out better results. 

Meditating will help students relieve their stress and get rid of anxiety
  • Learn a new language: Learning a language during coronavirus lockdown is a fun experience. A language learned will give students an extra edge over others. It will be an add-on to their CV. A new language can also open new avenues of education and jobs in the future. This will keep them occupied while everything is locked down.

Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, UPES has been one of the pioneers in the online learning landscape in India. The university ensures that student learning continues at its usual pace. Online classes and  assessments are happening via Blackboard Collaborate. As an added benefit, UPES students have free access to 3900+ global courses via collaboration with Coursera. Online sessions are being planned with industry experts and international faculty as well.In this era of digital transformation it has become vital for students to upskill themselves with these short-term online courses to stand out in the crowd.

With the latest technology, training, 500 trained teachers, 4300+ hours of teaching/learning executed so far, 10,000+ students, UPES family ensures #learningneverstops.

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