5 skills top recruiters will seek in a professional post COVID-19

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  1. Prarita Agarwal says:

    Great work! It was very informative ?

  2. Prakhar Chaurasia says:

    Well Written Sir

    • Shan e Fatima says:

      You are simply amazing Sir. Although I and I believe most of us were already aware of these skills-to-be, but you always come up with new and much better ideas and meanings. When it seems that nothing could be more better, then there again comes up the amazing you.
      Thanks a lot for sharing this up Sir. I’m going to be interviewed for a renowned job in 10 days from now and here showed up this blog of yours. Nothing less than a bliss.

  3. Mritunjay chandra deo says:

    A really informative article. I think if we try implementing what has been stated in this article it would help us all to prepare and handle the present situation.

  4. Kumar Ashutosh says:

    Thanks for sharing imperative information. Inspiring and insightful information.

  5. Aashi jain says:

    This was really motivating and inspiring.
    Great work ?

  6. Deepti Shimal says:

    Very well written.

  7. Gurleen Kaur Sondhi says:

    Thank you soo much was sharing this information, we are glad to go through this informative blog
    Wish to have more.
    Thanks and Regards
    Gurleen kaur sondhi

  8. Aditi Gairola Kathpalia says:

    Wonderfully expressed! I always look forward to reading your articles.

  9. Ishita Gandhi says:

    Beautifully expressed and very motivating. Great work??

  10. Sanskar Dua says:

    Beautifully explained the areas a person needs to cover to be cres de la cres.
    Great job !

  11. Vartika Srivastava says:

    So meticulously written sir, so informative and these points will give us an edge. Your blogs are always so inspiring.

  12. Nilesh Kumar Jha says:

    The article is very informative and Inspiring Sir. Trying to develop these abilities as early as possible.

  13. Nivedita raj says:

    It is wonderfully expressed ?Thank you for telling us about the 5most essential soft skills that we need to maintain so that we can be a coveted choice for all the recruiters.

  14. Saumya Srivastava says:

    Thank you so much Sir for sharing such a wonderful insight on this. It was the need of the hour.

  15. Mahak Gupta says:

    I perfect blend of information and guidance for students like us.
    Thank you for sharing this knowledge sir!

  16. Sahil Jadia says:

    Perfectly explained!

  17. Ritvik Tomar says:

    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you Sir

  18. Shankey Gupta says:

    Excellent points sir. As most of us are already working from home we can truly understand the importance of these skills. In future recruiters will focus on these skills. Very informative content.

    • Geetesh Singh says:

      Very helpful and important points sir. Beautifully explained.
      Thank you sir for the wonderful blogs.

  19. Shriya Sehgal says:

    Very insightful, sir. It’s paramount that we understand the importance of these skills, especially in the current scenario. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  20. Shriya Sehgal says:

    Very insightful blog, Sir. It is paramount to understand the importance of these skills, especially in the current scenario. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

    • Girish Lakhera says:

      Your best is yet to come. The above is small spell from your treasure of intellect. Very informative article.

  21. Akshat Nautiyal says:

    Very well stated sir about the importance of soft skills. EI and creativity are the two most important skills recruiters look for in a candidate. In these changing times, an organization would be looking for an adaptable and agile person, with stong positive attitude along with the ability to bring forth creative and innovative ideas.

  22. Naveenkumar M says:

    It is an eye opener sir.

  23. Sugandha says:

    Very informative and useful information for the professionals ! Agility and Adaptibility is definitely the key.Very concise and to the point article !! Nailed it Sir .

  24. Mridul Markandey says:

    This blog is very informative sir. You have highlighted the importance of every skill in the professional world. This will surely beneficial for every student or professionals who are sitting for job interviews. I look forward to read more such articles by you sir.

  25. Raman Sethi says:

    Quite significant ….Very well explained,Abhishek Sir.
    Keeping these points in mind and focussing on the goal , an aspirant can take the crown.

  26. Aprajita verma says:

    Above article is excellent ,i found it very helpful & all points are very accurate .thank you sir for sharing your thoughts with us & for guiding us ? ?

  27. Ritu says:

    Yet again, a wonderful article guiding the younger workforce how to be indispensable. It is such a pleasure to read your articles. Your choice of words and straight forward deliverance makes it stand out!! Looking forward to more..

  28. Anubhi Parmar says:

    Wonderfully written!

  29. Apoorva says:

    It was really informative and insightful.

    • Shiwangi Bist says:

      Amazing informative article!! thank you for sharing.
      You explain every single aspect in a simple way.

      The example of Mercedes F1 is perfect example of creativity and change enviroment and adaptability.

      These soft skills now becoming more and more important and necessary to adapt with the growing competitive world.

  30. Mridul Markandey says:

    One of the most informative blogs I have read so far. This information is really helpful for every student or professional who is going to appear for job interviews. Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge with us and for guiding us.

  31. Very well written in a simple approach of helping the budding professionals to know the importance of communication Skills and Change .. Well that is the ask of the hour !

  32. Satyam Jindal says:

    Very helpful.

  33. Geetesh Singh says:

    Very helpful and important points sir. Beautifully explained.
    Thank you sir for the wonderful blogs.

  34. Spandan says:

    Really Informative and well-explained content Sir. 🙂
    Exactly what a student needs!!
    Great work <3

  35. Dr Suchitra vashisth says:

    The most precise way of explaining things in a short, crisp yet descriptive way, is your professional trait. You add a tinch of your wide knowledge to serve as the cherry on top. The implementation of these skills would prove beneficiary as a whole.
    Warm regards

  36. Vimal kapoor says:

    This well written article should prove to be a boon for the aspiring students. All the youngsters who are on the verge of appearing for interviews should read it for than once, and more importantly should follow the tips given. Well done Abhishek sir, keep inspiring us!!

  37. Anuj Vashishth says:

    Dear Abhishek Sir,

    Much thanks for reiterating the value preposition around these aspects which most of times are looked upon as a tick in the box or merely get stored in the value chain for any org. If I go down the memory lane, you once told that it’s extremely tough and easy at the time to learn & un-learn. It’s just a matter of “Adaptability”. Reading through your piece has connected the dots so well for many. Un-learning only comes across when one makes a space for it and I must say that these times have taught us the importance of it in our professional journey which is to say “Sooner the Better” we adapt. Also I loved the way you interlinked each aspect of these skills especially “ Adaptability leads to more productivity”. Wanted to just add that with the rite set of ingredients and focus, it will also eventually lead to “Well- Being” and “Employee Experience”.

    You are and will always be an inspiration to others for them to climb up the ladder and help others to do the same !

  38. Girish Lakhera says:

    Your best is yet to come. The above is small spell from your treasure of intellect. Very informative article.

  39. Awdhesh Gairola says:

    The blog is really informative for students like me who are going to enter the industry next year. The nature of recruiting has drastically changed over the years and the above crucial information will definitely help people strategize for good placements.

  40. Arpit Yadav says:

    The blog is very informative.
    Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge with us and for guiding us.

  41. Dr A K Dubey says:

    Very well drafted informative ideas.

  42. Saurabh Rawat says:

    The relevance of the information provided is highly recommended in present times, where face to face interactions are too limited and people judge instead of understanding. Immensely viable keys notes backed by such an experienced professional, is what we require as a generation. Thank you sir for doing what do the best. Keep creating, keep sharing ?

  43. Abhishek Gairola says:

    Very relevant information. In the present times of cut throat competition, when many aspiring engineering/ management students come out of institutions; this article precisely touches the skills/ traits, recruiters seek. These attributes not only are must for grabbing the market attention, but are added assets required in professional life. One must focus on building and honing these skills for better avenues in professional arena.

    Well articulated article. To the point and pertinent!

  44. Very well written and aptly stated the key skills.
    Handy tips for the Students.

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