5 tips to build confidence and self-esteem

Believing in yourself and reaching out for your goals with gratitude in your heart can work miracles

The biggest tragedies of our professional and personal lives happen when we stop believing in ourselves. Whether it is low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, lack of self-reliance, or fear of doing something out of our comfort zone, the result is often seriously damaging.

Sometimes it is an echo of previous mistakes, and sometimes it is a fear of present or upcoming challenges.

If you feel demotivated to take charge of your life and actions, you are either living to someone else’s expectations, or you simply do not believe in your potential.

The ultimate fact and truth is that we have been trained and conditioned all through our lives to doubt ourselves. We have an inherent fear of losing. We must reorient ourselves to remove our fears and self-doubt in order to build self-worth and confidence.

Remember, whatever you attain in life is a result of your belief in yourself.

Here are the five most essential stages to learning how to believe in yourself. Imbibe them and you will be astonished at the results:

1. Treat yourself well

 You need to understand the importance of self-love. Recognize your worth and never brush aside the power of embracing yourself for the good deeds that you have done and forgive yourself for all the misfortunes you encountered. There is always a ray of hope to shine again. There is a sunshine after every storm. Feel valued, feel loved, believe that you are a rock star! Love yourself unconditionally.

2. Believe in the power of affirmations

When you believe in yourself, you first have to believe that what you aspire or want is really within your reach. Believe in positive self-talk; convert all the negatives into positives, refrain from using the words – I cannot, it is impossible, I am worthless, nobody loves me, I am a loser, etc. Rescript it, start using I can, I will, it is possible, I am capable, I am doing it now, I am a winner. In fact, the mind is such a powerful instrument, it can deliver literally everything you want through the power of positive affirmations.

Ronald Alexander, a noted leadership consultant, writes in his bestseller  ‘Wise Mind, Open Mind’” that in order to be successful you really need to get rid of negative self-talk and judgements.

3. Believe in your uniqueness. Yes, you are different!

Embrace yourself as you are, not as you ought to be, or as someone else wants you should be. You are different. Unleash your uniqueness. You will find one. We all have our own abilities, skills, and flairs that make us extraordinary. We usually do not have a fair idea of our competencies. The most challenging thing to do in life is to accept how different and unique we really can be. 

4. Practise gratitude and be action oriented

 Nurture the attitude of gratitude, feel thankful for the good things you have as it makes you contended and elated from inside. It makes you feel positive and only a positive mind can result in positive actions. Take charge of your life. You have the potential to surpass any storm.

5. Be persistent

Accomplishment is always about persistence, fortitude and the power of self-belief. Hindrances and denials are a part of any great endeavor, so we must feel optimistic and constantly remind ourselves that after every night there is a dawn. Rejections and setbacks help us explore, nurture, and evolve as a better version of ourselves. It develops a winning mindset through which we can conquer all our problems and surge ahead on the path to everlasting happiness.

(The writer is Assistant Director-EDGE Career Services at UPES)


      1. Wonderful thoughts sir, really valuable to all of us who sometimes lose hope thinking nothing is right, whereas in reality, if there was something as hopelessness that did exist, we wouldn’t be lively enough. An eminent lesson so flawlessly expressed and explained.

  1. A strong belief in yourself can bring you all these benefits: You recognise your ability to accomplish goals. ​You’re optimistic about the future as you set goals and achieve them. ​Deep down inside, you know you can do anything and many more…

  2. A very motivating blog .As stated in the blog that ”accomplishment is always about persistence fortitude and the power of self-belief….” I think this is what we need to keep in mind moving forward in life .

    1. Yes accomplishment is always about persistence fortitude and the power of self-belief.
      Be persistent, sky is the limit.
      Happy learning.

  3. A precisely articulated article . Helpful in boosting students’ motivation and zeal to achieve their endeavours. Thank you for the powerful words to make the students believe again in magic they have within .

  4. Sir, Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message with us. These words of wisdom coming from an experienced professional like you will definitely act as an Ray of hope for young professionals like us. The need for self realisation and self awareness is unprecedented in today’s world. When would be the better time to practice this than now.

    1. Grateful that it resonated with you. Yes continue being passionate and persistent with yourself along the healing journey. Thanks Saurabh for your valuable intent. Keep shining.

  5. Wow!! Very detailed and aligned.
    Abhishek Sir you’re a real time Coach, be it corporate, Personality Enhancement Program, Pageants or Academics. Your guidance can turn any naive into a professional full of confidence who is ready to enter corporate life or any other domain.
    Keep writing such articles Sir..

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. I eish you all the sunshine for your future. I would definitely come up with more such articles. Keep learning.

  6. Very detailed and aligned article.
    Abhishek Sir you’re a real time Coach, be it corporate, Personality Enhancement Program, Pageants or Academics. Your guidance can turn any naive into a professional full of confidence who is ready to enter corporate life or any other domain.
    Keep writing such articles Sir..

  7. ‘….we are conditioned to all through our lives to doubt ourselves..’ You have put so much in these few words.A great initiative indeed to restore the lost n faith n confidence in humans.Bravo…very well knitted..

    1. Thank you so very much . Yes Reconditioning of mind is the need of the hour.
      Unleashing the charisma within is the only panacea.
      Happy learning.

  8. Very well said sir, in these tough times these are some grate words of inspiration and hardwork.
    Your writing on being persistent and accepting rejections gave me a good lesson to learn.

  9. Highly appreciated. Amazing tips. And yes it’s true that we should treat ourselves right. Sometimes we judge ourselves so much that we forget the fact that we are humans and it’s fine to do mistakes.

    1. Amazing blog. Much needed in today’s times when we are all dealing with a crisis. Thank you for posting it. It is really helpful.

  10. Abhishek Sir not only taught us to believe in ourselves but also taught us to be confident enough to change our dreams into reality.
    These 5 points are some of the greatest things that I have imbibed from sir. I hope to continue to learn great things from him at every step of my career and life.

  11. I really admire all of the five tips. But “believe in the power of affirmation” is my favourite.
    Because i personally believe when you trust and prepare yourself you can do better than anyone else.

  12. Very well addressed sir. In these tough times life can be challenging and many people forgot to believe in themselves. This article will definitely help so many people in building self-confidence and self-esteem. I find this article really helpful and interesting. thank you so much sir for publishing it.

  13. Oneof the best articles that I have ever read. Each and every line is so true and connects to individual, very inspiring motivational. Thanks Abhi for such a beautiful article. I recommend everyone should worth reading it.

    1. Thank you so very much dear Venkatesh.
      The blessing is all mine kind soul! Thank you for such kind and humbling words. You are not only a top HR professional but a beautiful soul too.

  14. This was really helpful and motivational, sir!
    Thank you so much for always inspiring and helping us to learn and grow.
    We are so fortunate to have you as a mentor!
    Thank you, sir!

  15. A blog filled with positivity for all those facing anxiety about the future and their career. Surely helpful!

  16. Sir it is very good and a very helpful article in such difficult times, specially for students like us who are on the most crucial points of their career. Thank you!

  17. An inspiring article! All the points were well framed and executed and the best according to me was in which you mentioned about persistence. Indeed persistence is the key to success, fulfillment and happiness.

  18. Thank you for sharing such a talk on motivation, you are so much right person to talk about these topics.
    Waiting for more such wonderful writings on your blog!

    1. Thank you so very much. The blessing is all mine. Thank you for your appreciation. I would definitely write the another one soon

  19. Dear Sir,
    It is a kind of dejavu reading all through this. Took me back to my MBA days when you mentored and prepared us for the real world. Every word of your belief that you have penned down is so logical, simple and full of rational. Reading through this has just re-ignited the way one should take up challenges and at the same time loving oneself and uniqueness embedded in each one of us. Blessed to have you as a mentor always.

    1. Feeling is so mutual dear Anuj. I still remember your passion for learning and self discipline. Nostalgic after reading your intent.
      Much love and gratitude to you.

  20. These words are helpful for everyone in many ways .these points are life-changing fir the peoples who have forgotten the meaning of “believe”
    Even I am suggesting to follow these points to everyone & thank you so much Abhishek Verma sir for sharing your beautiful thoughts

  21. Excellent job! I liked the article very much. you have taken great efforts and care to prepare the article.
    It seems that you have you left Graphic Era.
    A.K. Dubey

  22. Motivating and inspiring. I’ll try to imbibe all the traits mentioned in the blog and bring out the best in me.

  23. Every word in this article is true. Believing in oneself is very important.
    This is a beautiful and motivational write up.

  24. This article reminded me of your PD lectures. They were so motivational.
    I still remember, how beautifully you explained, that each and every student has different positive points.We just have to find within ourselves.
    Thank u sir for sharing this article.

  25. It’s a really amazing article! Especially during these times when we are locked in our homes and everything around us is going haywire, one needs to seek for ways to have faith in themselves.

  26. Such a relevant article. As most of us, in professional and personal lives, do face challenges pertaining to self confidence and inner potential, points deliberated in the article do provide us ways & means to realize our capabilities and help us believe in our capabilities. Common yet really useful points which should be assimilated by one & all for contentment, inner peace and success in all aspects of life.

    1. Thank you so very much dear Abhishek. Thank you for such kind and humbling words. You have always been a great learner. Keep shining.

  27. Amazing work!! Highly motivated after reading this
    It helped me to stay strong and positive during this hard time.

  28. A very well written and insightful article. We all need to practice it in our everyday lives specially during this time when the entire world is looking for positivity and motivation. Belief is one thing that changes everything and that’s what is highlighted in this article.

    Looking forward to more such articles. Well done Abhishekh!

  29. Dear Sir
    You have always been an inspiration. When life is becoming more struggling and competitive and stressful these days, this article of yours, I must say, was much needed. I’m sure it’s gonna be a life booster to many.
    Felt the soul of every word , vivid and apt !

    Keep writing, keep motivating.

    Thanks with warm regards and best of wishes.

    1. Thanks Shan for your appreciation. You have always been a great student. I will definitely come up with my next article soon. Keep learning.

  30. Such a motivational article. Sir you have always been my favourite teacher. It felt really good after reading such an inspiring and helpful article. Sometimes I forget to do the things you mentioned in this article when the life gets tough. I will try to imbibe these 5 qualities in my day to day life now onwards. Thank you for it.

  31. Cres De La Cres !! You continue to exceed every expectation that we set. Great job.

    Par Excellence! Thanks for sharing such motivational words..

    1. Cres de la Cres! Thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure when this appreciation hit the home. You have always been a great person and leader too.

  32. Nice and very motivating. Really appreciate the point of having a gratitude for what all we have. Thanyou sir, for sharing this.

  33. Sir you have always motivated and inspired us through different ways, this is one of the reasons you top our favorite teacher’s list.

    Such a motivational post.

  34. Very well written, sir! Especially, at this time when everyone’s moral is down. We should definitely practice these five things. I have always adored you as a teacher and as an amazing person. I’m feeling privileged to read your blog.

    Looking forward to reading more articles!

    1. Thank you. Keep your morale high. You have been a winner. I will definitely come up with next article soon. Happy learning

  35. Absolutely insightful. Yes, our conditioning is always to doubt ourselves and our potential. This article clearly helps us to bring out our real strengths and march towards success. Good work 👍. The young generation should imbibe these and see the change it brings!! Very well written and please keep the good work coming!!!!!

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