6 essential tips for acing virtual interviews

The contemporary world, with new norms of technology use and socialising, has changed everything and that includes the format of job interviews as well

As technology continues to evolve, the modern-day workplaces are adapting and embracing innovations that save time and enhance proficiency. In the new reality, most of top recruiters are adopting virtual modes for hiring.

For many job aspirants, virtual interviewing is a novel phenomenon and something they have not experienced earlier.  But they needn’t worry. They can showcase their abilities and knowledge in a virtual interview in the same manner as they would in a face-to-face interview.

In every interview, the prospective employers seek to to gauge the interviewee’s attitudinal and professional skills, but the blunder many job aspirants commit when interviewing distantly, is to not pay attention to the details such as their attire, body language, their ambience, etc. This can seriously hamper their chances of moving forward.

Presenting 6 essential strategies aspirants must follow to crack virtual job interviews:

1. Technology matters

The first important step for every interviewee is to check his or her technical readiness, to ensure a hassle-free interaction with the prospective employer. It includes internet frequency and supporting gadgets such as microphone, camera, etc.

Testing the equipment beforehand is always advisable.

2. Choose the right place for the right impression

Selecting the right ambience for the interview matters a lot. The space should have good lighting arrangement with no distractions. If possible, the interviewee must sit against a stark background, so that the focus of the interviewer remains on him. The room should be devoid of all clutter. It is of utmost importance to exhibit professionalism by setting up the right ambience. Eliminate all potential distractions by putting the mobile phone on silent, and soundproof the room by shutting all doors and windows.

3. Dress to conquer

It is always advisable to dress well as one would for a face-to-face interaction with the interviewer. Wearing shabby clothes is a strict no-no. A business suit or a formal shirt is considered a professional attire and indicates the seriousness and interest of the job seeker in the position and role offered. It also denotes that the aspirant is punctilious and passionate about life and career as well.

4. Prepare, practice and perform

Prepare in advance answers to the most common questions and practice them thoroughly to create a winning impression. Maintaining one’s real self throughout the interview is vital. Avoid using hackneyed expressions and it’s always a good idea to rehearse and take feedback from peers.

5. Maintain good body language

Eye contact of the respondent with the interviewer is an indicator of confidence. Sit straight, smile and maintain the highest level of professionalism. Try to minimise hand movements. Do not lean back in the chair and avoid revolving chairs. Don’t play with pen, pencil or any other writing material.

6. Be yourself

For a recruiter, it is important to assess whether a candidate would be a perfect fit for the profile and the company’s culture. Do not try to befool the interviewer with fake and false information and answers. Be real, be authentic.

Nitin Mehendale, Project Manager, Capgemini, says, “Technology is already central. It will undoubtedly play a greater role in the years ahead in job interviews. Embracing the change with positivity and proper training would help aspirants to make their mark.”

(The writer is an employability coach and Assistant Director, Career Services, Enhanced Development for Growth and Enrichment, UPES)

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