Do you have an interview lined up? 6 essential tips to crack an interview


In the job-hunting phase, people put in a lot of effort in designing their resumes, cover letters, determine which companies to apply to, and build a strong network. All these things take you a step closer to your dream job. But the final step and the sole decision-maker is your face to face interview. In the current market situation, it is necessary that the candidates have their act together, or it would be difficult for them to survive in this world of cut-throat competition. Although one cannot predict the consequences of an interview, some basic tips will help you feel less nervous and anxious. All the more, you will be ready to positively present yourself. Check yourself on the following points before you go for the interview.

1. Research about the company: Proper research about the company before the interview is of utmost importance. You should know about the company’s structure, services, products, customers, competitors and other details pertaining to the background of the company. This will give you an edge over other candidates.

2. Arrive on time: One should always be on time at a job interview. This is important as the candidate will enough time to settle himself. If you reach early one can always check out the dynamics of the office, do some paperwork if required or walk-in for the interview before your scheduled time. But if you are late for the interview, there will be a panic situation and a possibility that you are not allowed to sit for the interview.

Job interview

One should always be on time at a job interview.

3. Mind your manner: You should be at your best when you go for an interview. You should always be polite, courteous and warm when you meet people. As soon as you meet the interviewer, you should give him a warm greeting. These manners and etiquettes can leave a good impression on everyone on the panel. Even after you finish, leave the room in a very polite manner.

4. Confidence: It is quite possible that candidates feel a little low or underconfident before a job interview. However, this should not be the case. Even if the candidate does not know the answer, he should be confident enough to tackle the situation. But nervousness can leave a negative impact on the interviewer.

Job Interview

Manners and etiquettes can leave a good impression on everyone on the panel.

5. Pay attention to your body language: Things like shaking your leg, sitting in a casual manner, playing with a pen, chewing gum, checking your phone, nodding your head and even brushing back hair, can account for poor body language. If you have a tendency to do any of these, you should avoid these habits and work on them. For instance, you can replace these with positive body language signs like nodding, eye contact, smiling, and a solid posture.

6. Ask insightful questions: Generally, the interviewers end an interview by allowing the candidate to resolve their queries. Candidates can ask some questions related to the company’s past records, challenges faced by the company, hierarchical structure, and many such things. These insightful questions can impress your interviewer.

Follow the above-mentioned points and there are chances that you will get your dream job.

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