7 Reasons to Consider Agribusiness as your Career

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What is Agribusiness?

Does the mention of the term ‘Agribusiness’ bring the image of workers toiling under the sun to your mind? This is a usual misconception about a career in agribusiness, giving a false idea that it is not a lucrative option. But numbers tell a different story.

According to the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, several agripreneurs have not only crafted a successful career for themselves but also provided agribusiness job opportunities to many. They have also used agricultural innovation to address four key challenges faced by the world: food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition, climate change, sustainable natural resource management, and job creation.

So, what defines Agribusiness? All the commercial activities related to agriculture – from production to processing and distribution – come under Agribusiness.  It encompasses agrichemicals, farm machinery, seed supply, crop production, processed foods, animal husbandry, as well as marketing and retail sales.

What is the scope of Agribusiness?

One word: endless. From becoming a Farm Manager to a Crop Producer to an Agricultural Analyst or a Quality Controller, a degree in Agribusiness can open numerous doors of employment opportunities. Agribusiness companies in both public and private sector – farming, food production, marketing and retail – are always looking for a professionally trained workforce to meet the rising demands. Agribusiness jobs thus foresee an upward trend. Students with an intermediate in science can opt for a bachelor’s degree in the agricultural field.

Reasons to consider Agribusiness as your career

The contribution of agriculture sector in Indian economy is at 18% and employs about 50% of the country’s workforce (according to the Ministry of Statistics), much higher than the world’s average. Thus, the government as well as the private sector are investing heavily in this sector.

Here are 7 reasons why you should study agribusiness and make an outstanding career out of it:

  1. A high-paying field, the average annual salary can begin from INR 4 lakh per annum and go as high as INR 40 lakh per annum.
  2. Expanding with advancements in technology, agribusiness gives an immense scope of innovation.
  3. The rising interest among students in agriculture makes agriculture a competitively charged industry.
  4. Using innovation to transform agriculture can help in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. Agribusiness helps you find a future that is connected to the land.
  6. Change in eating habits of consumers, with an inclination towards going organic for instance, provides a large scope of experimentation in agribusiness.
  7. Agribusiness offers scores of interesting roles. You can choose to work as an Agricultural Officer, an Agronomy Sales Manager, Operations Manager or an Agricultural Economist, to name a few.

It is time to explore the avenues of Agribusiness.

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