7 ways of making the most of your time at UPES

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  1. aryan rawat says:

    amazing article man!!! helped me a lot.

  2. Shobhit Shukla says:

    The content is up to the mark

  3. Harminder says:

    The aim of the college, for the individual student, is to eliminate the need in his life for the college; the task is to help him become a self-educating man.

  4. Ashish kumar says:

    Impressive!!! I really like your post buddy.
    Keep it up.

  5. Saurabh Negi says:

    A good written blog. Got a many things to learn from this blog, would like to do these things to make my college life worth remembering and cheerful.

  6. Saurabh Negi says:

    A good written blog. Got to learn many things from this, would like to do these things in rest of my college time.

  7. Rajesh says:

    Nice content!!

  8. Yeashika Rastogi says:

    Very relatable Abmit. Good work ?

  9. suryansh says:

    Nice work. Much appreciated!

  10. samir says:

    every thing in this blog are relivent,that describes out university perfectly.Great work bro…..keep it uo…?

  11. Dr. Atul Razdan says:

    Very well written Ambit! You shared some interesting ideas for your peers.

    Excellent work!

  12. Neon says:

    Keep up the good work bro

  13. Jaanvi Chaurasia says:

    You are so talented bro….keep it up…waiting for more such blogs.

  14. Anshika says:

    You have emphasized the importance of utilising the time here in college while having fun. Well written Abmit.

  15. preeti says:

    Dear Abmit, it gives me an immense pleasure to congratulate you for your this endeavour.
    Keep writing! God bless you!

  16. preeti says:

    Dear Abmit, it gives me an immense pleasure to congratulate you for your this endeavour.
    Keep writing! God bless you.

  17. Aswani Dravid says:

    It’s a beautiful piece. Hope the new ones joining school at UPES read your blog and get inspired. ?

  18. Tanmay says:

    Great work abmit!!

  19. Seema says:

    Well explained!!

  20. Atul says:

    Well written!!! Must say that you have beautifully summarize the life at UPES.

  21. Abmit says:

    Thanks Yeashika!!!

  22. prateek goyal says:

    Very well written blog abmit the blog which is written by you.it’s describe the beauty of upes and how to spend your time efficiently while studing in upes. Waiting for your next blog . Keep that spirit on abmit

  23. Dr. Sunita bhola says:

    Dear Abmit..you have splendidly portrayed your thoughts…well done…keep showering us with ur insightful writings…God bless

  24. Rubaina Verma says:

    Great peice!! Keep up ur work and cherish your talent!

  25. Pritish says:

    Nice one??

  26. Rubaina Verma says:

    Great Piece!! Keep up your work and cherish your Talent.!!

  27. Mihir says:

    You have expressed your thoughts very clearly.

  28. School of Business, UPES says:

    Dear Abmit, thank you for writing amazing content on habits, self-development and performance. keep up the writing!
    Best Wishes!

  29. Manisha Solanki says:

    Good work Ambit… Keep it up…God bless you.

  30. Kanika kakkar says:

    Really nyc❤️❤️❤️

  31. PRIYANSHU RANA says:

    Indeed this will gonna help all of us who finds difficult to make fullest out of their busy schedule…..well written bro…..keep writing.

  32. Abmit says:

    Thank u so much bro❤

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