A Huge Dearth of Professionals in Oil Industry

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From the nylon bristles of the truth brush that we use in morning to fuel of car that drives us to work place, from Medicines to air conditioning, baby products to gasoline, Cooking Gas to dent-resistant cars, Oil & Gas is “fuelling” our lives with Comfort, Safety, Health and productivity.

google imageAmongst the Six Core Industries of India, Oil and Gas has a prominent role to play as it influences other major economic decisions. India is one of the largest consumers of energy in the world and is now expected to overtake Japan in Oil consumption.

India has been among the world’s fastest growing economies and with this expansion there is not only strong growth in demand for energy but this increases India’s dependency on Oil imports.

It is this scenario of Oil Industry that foresees a huge dearth of professionals in this sector. This therefore become a challenge for the leading educational institutions to produce industry ready professionals. One such place to offer wide range of domain specific technical/non-technical programs is located in serene location in Dehradun- University of Petroleum & Energy Studies… which caters to need of Industry as well as young minds for rewarding careers in this field. M. Tech Pipeline Engg, Petroleum Exploration, Energy Systems and Chemical Engg with specialization in Process Design Engg. to name a few such programs (www.upes.ac.in)

Author: Ms Walia

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