Welcoming the Resilient Class of 2020

We have named our batch of 2020 as the Resilient Class of 2020 – the class that has waded its way through challenges and is now ready to roar and…

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Campus safety measures: All spruced up for new academic session

UPES is equipped to offer our students, employees and the entire university community a safe learning and working environment by aligning our safety protocols with those recommended by governments and…

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Why gaining international exposure is more crucial than ever

UPES offers ample opportunities for students to experience and develop a global outlook. The Department of International Affairs at UPES has meticulously chalked out avenues through which students get international…

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Creating a level-playing field in education

Women’s empowerment has been at the core of all our efforts at UPES. We are proud to be associated with scores of women achievers – our alumni, faculty and even…

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The Launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon and the promising future of Aerospace Engineering

A webinar was conducted by UPES, hosted Mr. Roger Hunter, Project Manager for NASA’s Kepler Mission, who delved into the future of space exploration on the heels of the SpaceX…

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Career advancements for a 21st century engineer

To make sure students are updated with the tech of tomorrow, UPES students can specialise in one of the latest technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Robotics…

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It’s okay to not be okay: Managing your mental health in a new reality

UPES offers a tele-counselling service staffed by experts, called #UPESCares As lockdown comes to an end, and the world prepares to go out, restart factories, and resume commitments again, it…

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Role of digital marketing in a post-COVID world

Marketers who chose the digital path, found themselves holding a silver lining when the global market was in the dark The fundamental purpose of marketing is to attract as many…

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Get started with the UPES app

UPES launched a dedicated mobile app for its students and applicants. The app has been meticulously designed to facilitate online learning and help students get an overview of all things…

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Learning continues, one webinar at a time

Learning never stops has become an anthem at UPES, uniting students and faculty, a rallying cry that is symbolic of our refusal to submit to the times Life must go…

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