Law careers

5 traits hotshot corporate lawyers should possess

Corporate law involves working closely with companies and organizations to advise them about legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities The legal field is considered prestigious as it helps an individual or…

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How engineers can be active contributors to business decisions

Engineers must possess pragmatic decision-making abilities, skills to comprehend and analyse large amounts of information and develop sound business strategies in order to meet the current industry demands The demand…

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ULSAT 2020-Stepping stone to your successful law career

UPES School of Law prepares students for rewarding careers with its exceptional pedagogy, carefully crafted curriculum and unique instructional methods modelled after global trends in law education An intellectually stimulating…

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online exams

Online exams during COVID-19: Tips and tricks for success

Online exam is quite similar to that of an in-class test; however, the online environment does involve some differences that require a bit of extra awareness and preparation In the…

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Nutritionists vs Dieticians: What’s the difference?

Dietician and nutritionist are two professions different in terms of education, qualifications, roles and responsibilities It is common for many people to think that the two health care professions “dietician”…

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4 ways for students to remain productive during lockdown

Although the lockdown puts restriction on the movement of people, students can make the most out of this situation Usually every semester is the same for UPES students – college…

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Experts explain how to manage mental well-being during Covid-19

The spread of infectious diseases like Coronavirus can be daunting and can affect our mental health.With the country rolling out social distancing measures, it may feel like life has stopped,…

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UPESEAT 2020 – The gateway to your engineering dream

Through its Engineering Plus program, UPES students can pursue an additional specialisation in Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain  along with…

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Top digital marketing trends you cannot ignore in 2020

Digital Marketing is a broad term that refers to various promotional techniques positioned to reach customers through digital technologies. The field has undergone a major transformation and will never stop…

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UPES Engineering +

Engineering+: What Is It That UPES Has to Offer?

Engineering is an evergreen field, pursued by lakhs of students every year. With such a vast number of students graduating every year with an engineering degree, students are bound to…

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