Career options for Public Policy graduates

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  1. Siwang singh says:

    Had a wonderful experience as well as learned a lot in three years.
    It is the best choice for those who want to pursue civil services. Regular BA classes as well as civil service coaching helped me a lot in my preparation .
    Learning from mentors really helped me in correlate my time with studies as well as current world.

  2. Gaurav Raj says:

    Thanks for the information. Really a great career option for those aspiring for civil services examination or policy consultants.

  3. Dr Vinay Kandpal says:

    Great. Best wishes

  4. Neha Singh says:

    Very insightful piece for students wanting to make a career in civil services. Plethora of opportunities that students don’t generally know about.
    The public policy course at UPES is indeed one of a kind.

    Congrats to the author and best wishes for his upcoming UPSC exam. Cheers!

  5. Nishant Thakur says:

    Proud of you Tushant Sir! Best wishes for your professional life with a lot of bliss.

  6. Avni Singh says:

    Captures the whole experience of our three years perfectly. Having been on the same journey myself, I couldn’t agree more with how enriching and mind opening this time has been, studying public policy. The discipline has to offer so much more, it only makes me excited for the future!

  7. Roshan says:

    Public policy discourses in India need to be channelized vigorously and UPES has done great service to the nation by making a generation of public policy students future ready for new India.

  8. Victor A. says:

    It’s a great read! And a good insight on the subject of Public Policy.


    Nice words great!! Very enriching information.
    Really appreciating.

  10. Sanchalika says:

    Very well written. It gave me an insight into the course.

  11. Ajay Kumar says:

    Nice article with practical inputs

  12. Rakhi chaudhary says:

    Great work?

  13. Shyamali S says:

    Great job, Tushant

  14. Vedant Singh says:

    Excellent article!

  15. All the best Tushant. You are a genius and we cannot wait to see you succeed. ?

    • Tushant Shreshtha says:

      Thank you so much ma’am for your kind and encouraging words! You have always been a pillar of support for our course.

  16. Dr. Atul Razdan says:

    An excellent blog!

  17. Sameer Thapa says:

    Great blog, will recommend UPSC CSE aspirants about this course. All the best

  18. Chirag Kalra says:

    Really insightful and motivating.

  19. Angelina Joseph says:

    Great blog.. All the best…

  20. Siddharth Khandelwal says:

    This is a well written article, which is easy to comprehend.

    Pretty self-explanatory, helping me understand the different aspects related to Public Policy, and its importance in both the public and private sectors. Your personal experiences added to the topic, showcasing few practical applications by someone who’d have expertise in this field.

  21. 5000 says:

    Outstanding work, keep it up.

  22. Ishita says:

    The course is amazing,Also best of luck Tushant.

  23. Manisha Singh says:

    Great work!

  24. Ajay Singh says:

    Beautifully articulated work.

  25. Tushant Shreshtha says:


  26. Udbhav Pathak says:

    A well written article. Covers all major points and gives a sublime overview about the course.
    Great work !!
    All the best Tushant Sir for your upcoming exams.

  27. Sahil Sharma says:

    Fabulous work bro❤

  28. Anurag Dey says:

    Brilliant work Tushant

  29. Sid Jain says:

    Worth Reading….welldone Tushant

  30. Siddh says:

    Very Good bro

  31. Siddhi Jain says:

    Outstanding Work

  32. Chandramouly Pandey says:

    Tushant you are lit person

  33. Arun says:

    That looks like an awesome career to get into! Administration of the government is something that I have always wanted to do. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNA), Mussourie, looks like “the place” to be studying at. Students should shift their focus and train towards achieving this goal. Thank you for this.

  34. Amitabh Singh says:

    Very informative and an awesome write-up! Tushant’s insight on choosing Public policy & administration as a career option is an interesting read and very useful aspirants seeking information in the said domain.

  35. Anya S. says:

    Great article, Tushant! Higher education in India is very diverse. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness among the students and their parents has led to young minds rushing for engineering, medical, and legal studies in droves even when these fields might not be the best option for them.

    I think you lay out really good facts (and first hand experiences in this article!) and I hope in the coming years, students will realise that becoming a doctor/engineer/lawyer isn’t the be-all and end-all of their careers.

    Good luck on your Civil Services Exam! I’m positive that you will pass with flying colours.

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