Dehradun – A Paradise for Learning

Over recent years, education opportunities in Dehradun have transformed it into a leading learning hub of the country. It has gone to a point where one can name a stream and find galore options. At UPES, we offer a plethora of industry aligned courses – right from engineering to management, law, design and commerce.

Dehraun Nature
Dehradun has a serene and lush green environment.

Why Dehradun?

Majestic Himalayas in the backdrop, yon orange sunsets, pleasant breeze and a tranquil environment – Dehradun is all that and more. The capital of Uttarakhand and the ‘school capital of India’, it is a pivot location for higher education in India.

Perfect Aura for Education

Dehradun is located at 2200 feet above sea level and has a moderate temperature throughout the year. The city is pollution free, and the average AQI is less than 50 at our campus in Bidholi.

Dehradun AQI

Figure 1
Dehradun AQI

Dehradun PM Levels

Figure 2
Dehradun PM 2.5

Figure 1 and Figure 2 demonstrates the AQI and PM 2.5 levels respectively.

Why Does Air Quality Matter?

Metro cities in India have an AQI of more than 200. Air pollution affects education, and as per studies, it equates to losing more than one year of education.

According to research titled “Air pollution, educational achievements, and human capital formation”, exposure to elevated levels of air pollution adversely affects the educational outcomes.

Dehraun Climate

Figure 3
Source: IZA
Figure 3 showcases there is a 12% drop in performance if the PM 2.5 levels increase from 50 to 100.

The air pollution in Dehradun is well under control, and it makes it a paradise for learning from all perspectives. Better air quality is linked with improved test scores and reduces the distortionary effects of air pollution on the reliability of exams. A clean environment to pursue higher studies puts students ahead of others.  

Role of Climate in Education

When we say Dehradun is a perfect paradise for learning – we mean it! Climate plays a significant role in education. According to a study published by Harvard, hot weather leads to a decrease in performance.

Figure 4
Source: Harvard
Figure 4 shows the standardised math achievement scores and average annual temperature. High scores and low temperatures are a visible trend.
Average Annual Temperature Dehradun

Figure 5 (Average Annual Temperature, Dehradun)
Temperature in Dehradun

Figure 6 (Average, Maximum and Minimum Temperature, Dehradun)

Dehradun has a lower average annual temperature than other educational hubs of India. Figure 5 and Figure 6 showcase the average temperature of Dehradun and that is well in the range to make students productive and perform better at their studies.

Time to Unwind

Studying in Dehradun also opens avenues to unwind in the great Himalayas. Spend one weekend in the Queen of Hills – Mussoorie, another trekking in the Garhwal range and overseeing the engineering feat of Tehri Dam. There are many more engineering marvels such as canals, waterways, powerplants for those who are curious to wander.

Dehradun is the perfect place to be for higher education. With its rich history, architecture and as a home to some of the greatest writers and artists – it is a complete destination where even the air sings with hope.

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