Does Global Exposure Give an Edge to the Students?

UPES Global Immersion

Parents and students go through a tough time when it comes to choosing universities. While aspects like placements, industry partners, campus life and faculty matters, what also matters is global exposure. In a highly competitive world, it is extremely important for students to stand out and get an edge over other students. When students gain global expertise, the benefits are immense. Let us have a look at some of the benefits that global exposure offers.

In today’s digital and a close-knitted world, education should be beyond classrooms where students learn other skills like independence, empathy, open-mindedness, and soft-skills like communication and teamwork. Global exposure helps students learn about different work ethics, cultures, ideas, beliefs and values. Students get an opportunity for growth and development for a more collaborative global community. Students gain a first-hand experience and real-world perspective tends to deepen students’ learning and knowledge application. They should have a global perspective as it would allow students to have more awareness. It will also help them turn their critical thinking into critical actions.

Global exposure is extremely important for students.

Apart from building character and personal development, international exposure also gives students an edge when they are seeking employment in a competitive workplace. To make sure no student misses out on this precious global experience, UPES, Dehradun gives its students an opportunity to pursue two online professional courses from AWS, IBM, Tableau and Alibaba (any two of these).

That’s not all, UPES offers even more! Students get a chance to study overseas for 4 weeks in our partner institutes. This will help empower young minds, enhance their skill set and employability.

UPES has also tied up with some leading institutes in over 6 countries to provide students with global expertise. UPES graduate students will get 50% waiver on PG programs tuition fees in over 22 partner institutions in London, Berlin, Canada, Singapore and Dublin.

Global awareness and international collaborations will help students acquire transferable skills, make informed decisions and excel in all the spheres of life.

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