From tech meek to tech geek: The story of my metamorphosis

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19 Responses

  1. Drizzle says:

    Wow congratulation Nidhi ..for getting such splendid career …god bless uhhh bachbba

  2. Santosh Saurav says:

    Very nice….

  3. Puja Kumari says:

    Congratulations Dear ?

  4. Dhiraj kr singh says:


  5. it realy takes a lot of hard work to achieve such a great fame and post … We all appreciate you .. We are proud that you are the student of bihar

  6. Ravi Chanchal says:

    Congratulations and we are proud on your achievement.

  7. Never loose sight of your final destination . More power to you Mam

  8. Gautam patel says:

    Congratulations ma’am

  9. Anand kumar says:

    Truly inspiring! Wonderful success story!!! Best wishes Nidhi

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