General vs Specialised MBA: Which one is better?

1 A general MBA offers a broad base knowledge about the business, management, communication, leadership and other important skills required Specialised MBA involves an in-depth knowledge in one particular field like finance and accounting, operations, marketing, human resources, oil and gas, energy trading, aviation and many more.
2 General MBA aims at holistic learning and sheds light on the nitty-gritty of all the management skills required for the proper functioning of the business venture Provides an in-depth knowledge about specialist field of study
3 Not a specific career path Provides a specific career path
4 One has the option to choose any field later on One may have difficulty in shifting from one field to other
5 Student will have to study all the subjects related to business and management Student can choose any field as per his or her interest
6 Wide range of career options in the long-run Student may have limited career options to choose from 

General vs Specialised MBA: Which one is better?

MBA has an excellent scope and therefore, it becomes a viable career path to walk upon. Pursuing an MBA will help you turn into a skilled professional, who will be able to excel in this field efficiently. However, pursuing a specialized MBA is a good option. Although, you need to ensure that you make the right choice of university when it comes to getting your degree. You need to ensure that the university you get admission in has knowledgeable faculty, good placement record, global exposure, cutting-edge specialisation and other amenities important for a student. One such university is UPES which is located in Dehradun. This university not only has numerous specialisations, but also a carefully curated curriculum, which is taught by remarkably skilled faculty. In order to transform students into industry-ready professionals, UPES provides its students with a global edge over others.


UPES has academic partnerships with some of the leading institutions in over 6 countries to provide students global expertise. UPES graduate students will also get 50% waiver on PG programs tuition fees in over 22 UPES partner institutions in London, Berlin, Vancouver, Singapore and Dublin.

Well! That’s not all in the bucket!

UPES students enrolling in the year 2019 can study overseas for 4 weeks in our partner institutions, without any additional tuition fee. UPES also provides courses and certifications from leading companies like AWS, Tableau, IBM and Alibaba.

With such exciting opportunities, you will be ready to take over the world and face all the odds that come your way.

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