Global recognition for UPES AAPG student chapter

The Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) at UPES has secured third prize in a YouTube Video Contest

It was a proud moment for the university when AAPG Chapter secured the third prize in Student Chapter YouTube Video Contest. The contest was organised by AAPG Global in association with Shell and Saudi Aramco. The video presented the activities of UPES AAPG Student Chapter all through the year, including the academic events, sports and felicitation ceremonies.

The chapter President, C.N. Raghavendra Gupta (B.Tech APE Upstream 2016-2020), says that the student chapter has witnessed a huge transition in the past one year and stood out as one of the premier student chapters of the university. Says he, “We started the campaign with whatever little we could do and learnt as we kept going. I am particularly proud to be able to lead this winning team.” The team from UPES has won $300 prize and the third position globally.

Additionally, UPES AAPG Student Chapter is the recipient of AAPG Foundation’s L. Austin Week’s Undergraduate Grant 2020 worth $500, informs Raghavendra. The AAPG Foundation’s L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant Program, he further adds, annually awards undergraduate level geoscience students and student-led geoscience associations who have exhibited phenomenal progress in the field with a generous bursary, to help in structuring thorough knowledge and scientific disposition in the ever-expanding field of geology and earth sciences. Remarks Raghavendra, “We are elated to receive the most distinguished Grant by AAPG Foundation, for the second time in a row as a student chapter, under the guidance of our Faculty Advisor, Dr. Uday Bhan.”

Raghavendra reflects on how being part of such a high-performing team can be fruitful for a student. “Joining or leading,” he adds, “global student chapters will enhance one’s college experience. Gaining skills, making connections, staying organised and broadening knowledge through a student organisation will help students become well-rounded individuals, ready to take on the world.”

AAPG student chapter bridges the gap between the industry and academia by organising international guest lectures/webinars, inviting distinguished industry professionals from the domain to help provide an all-round development experience to budding engineers.

Says Raghavendra, “With such enthusiasm and consistency in our conduct, we organised numerous technical events, social drives and our annual international workshop and conference named Crust ’20, which enabled us to earn the grant. Excellence is always the result of high ambition, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. So, with the aim to achieve our mission and our values, we strive to excel in all our endeavours ahead.”

Sharing his experiences and insights about leading the winning team, Raghavendra says, “Realising how to function admirably in a group is a fundamental expertise for any vocation. Being a part of such an organisation shows you how to do this by placing you in circumstances where you are required to take counsel from others, just as you give your own. It offers you opportunities to gain emotional intelligence as you build new relationships and explore more about yourself. This opportunity helped me realise that when you’ve the zeal to persevere, there’s no place for defeat.”

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