Global recognition for UPES faculty

Gunjan Chhabra, Assistant Professor, Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, got his research featured as one of the world’s top biofield-based technologies

The faculty at UPES continuously strive for excellence. It is because of their efforts and perseverance that global platforms are taking notice of their exceptional work. In a recent stint, Gunjan Chhabra, Assistant Professor, Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, who is pursuing his PhD in ‘Pattern analysis of human biofield’, got his work featured by the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), an international collaborative accelerator of scientists, health practitioners, innovators, educators, and artists, who share the knowledge of trans-disciplinary science and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices.

“I received a mail from the marketing team of the CHI community, and I was glad to know that they wanted to feature my work,” Gunjan says.  He is working under the guidance of Dr. Ajay Prasad and Dr. Venkatadari M, from the UPES School of Computer Science.

Gunjan explains that the human biofield is an invisible field around living beings. It is an energy pattern around humans, which is dynamic and carries vast information related to their physical and mental health. He further adds, “Due to its dynamic nature and invisible characteristics, it is difficult to decode and analyse it. On decoding this information, we can achieve remarkable success in the field of healthcare. The existing techniques are costly and some of them are not much reliable. This motivates me to further progress my research in this area.”

In his research, he has used image-processing technique to decode the information and has successfully implemented a novel algorithm, which can convert a digital image into a biofield image. “I have published my research in a reputed journal,” he says.  “This is an interdisciplinary research and will open up many new gateways in the field of healthcare research and technology and will be useful for the society.”

The device he has made will be called Aura Colorspace Visualizer Algorithm. It has been recognised among the world’s top 280 biofield-based technologies currently in the marketplace for diagnostic (measuring biofield activity) and therapeutic (modifying biofield activity) uses.


  1. So nice to read this… great achievement Dr. Gunjan. You have made me and our batch mates proud 😁

  2. Great Buddy.

    Congratulations to you. 🙂

    Wishes to you for your more future endeavors.


    Mohit Tripathi

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