Health is Wealth! Eat Wise, Drop a Size

Healthy eating

College students have a busy schedule and they undergo a lot of stress. Amidst their classes, assignments, projects, and several exams, students generally ignore their health. Students may skip their meals, do not indulge in physical activity or frequently visit fast-food restaurants. But all this can negatively affect their health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help students feel better, cope up with stress, sharpen their memory, perform better in exams, boost their immunity and stamina. Healthy eating means good health not just in your young years but even in the long run.

Healthy Eating

A healthy lifestyle can help you feel better, cope up with stress, sharpen your memory, perform better in your exams, boost your immunity and stamina.

In the following article we will give a few tips that might help students improve their overall health:

  1. Healthy breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. All the more, breakfast should be extremely healthy and wholesome as it keeps you energetic all day long and will curb your hunger pangs. Some healthy breakfast options include eggs, fresh fruits, nuts, oatmeal, sandwich or smoothie.

2. Limit processed food: Processed and frozen food is loaded with preservatives and other chemicals that are harmful for your overall health. They have no nutritional value and may lead to weight gain. Therefore, you should avoid these foods and focus more on whole and unprocessed foods.

3. Healthy snacks: Time and again experts have said that instead of three heavy meals, four to five meals small are preferable. Therefore, one should focus on healthy snacks in between the meals. Some healthy snacks can be nuts, fruit salad or smoothie, cottage cheese sandwich, soup, a slice of cheese or even eggs.

4. Limit your sugar intake:  Refined sugar has many health hazards and should be avoided at all costs. Refined sugar which is present in canned juices, candies, chocolates and sweets only add to calories in your diet and nothing else. Therefore, you should avoid them or may use healthy alternatives like honey, jaggery or maple syrup. You can even have natural sugar in the form of fruits.

5. Physical activity: Any form of physical exercise is extremely important for your overall health and well-being. Be it walking, running, swimming, cycling or yoga exercise is important as it keeps you fit and healthy. Moreover, exercise can also help you relieve stress.

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