Here’s how a design course can shape your future

The next five years are extremely crucial for the Indian design industry, as there has been a phenomenal growth in each sector, along with the growth in demand for design professionals

The design industry in India has matured over the years and continues to grow from strength to strength. Only a fifth of the design market is currently tapped. Given the positive demographics, rising educational aspirations, employment opportunities, openness to pursuing alternative careers, the number of design aspirants is increasing almost every year. The number of designers required by the end of this year in industrial, graphic, fashion, interior, transport, and other design domains is expected to be 62,000, provided the design potential is fully realized.

The choice of specialisations in design and the number of students interested in pursuing the creative field are both on the rise. The next five years are extremely crucial for the Indian design industry, as there has been phenomenal growth in each sector along with the growth in demand for design professionals.

From the clothes we wear to office to the apps we use; design is everywhere. The power to reshape the world rests with the designers. Under one umbrella, you can take various paths of designing to explore your ideas and career. The dynamic world of art and design provides an array of career opportunities from website designing to creating movie sets. Some money-spinning career options in this creative field are transportation and mobility design, fashion design, product design, game design, interior design, UX/UI design, graphic design, film and television production, web design, jewellery design, animation, computer game design, , TV, theatre or film set design, industrial/project design and many more. Design professionals use their creative skills to communicate the client’s message. The design sector can be quite competitive and challenging, with technical skills becoming increasingly important for many art and design jobs.

The dynamic world of art and design provides an array of career opportunities from website designing to creating movie sets

However, what is more important is a university that allows students to unleash their creativity to learn, explore and eventually soar high.

Carve your career with UPES School of Design

Design has become pervasive and hence the landscape of design education also needs a change. Design schools must prepare skilled professionals who have expertise in technology and are fully conversant with two or more areas of specialisation. The students must come out as responsible designers who have a willingness to collaborate, possess cultural understanding, are agile and have broad-based innovation capabilities; designers who can create intelligent and inclusive designs.

A creative learning ecosystem, that spans global technologies and tools, is a prime focus at the UPES School of Design. Digital transformation, design thinking, branding and creative strategies are the various components that enrich the curriculum. The faculty takes special care in nurturing young, feisty and creative talent, guiding them and directing them to their true potential in creating innovative designs. Designs and solutions that are not just part of their creative psyche, but those that add value to the society as well. The infrastructure comprises high-end computer workstations, vacuum-forming machines, and spray-painting booths, among other creative learning aids.

UPES has also tied up with a renowned online learning platform – Coursera. Accelerated learning access to over 3900 courses and cutting-edge technology insights from industry leaders in one click is their mantra.

There are no limits to what and how much you can learn through Coursera.

UPES always believes in nurturing strong, ethical leaders who would contribute to society and the nationIts industry-aligned and up-to-date courses help attract the best in the industry – students who would be future leaders and innovators. Becoming the preferred choice of many top-notch recruiters is no mean feat. The office of Career Services works closely with the industry to develop and support collaborative industry-academia interfaces and facilitate internships and placements for all our students. The collaborative efforts of the students, Career Services team and faculty play a vital role in the success of placements programme every year, breaking previous records.

Have a look at what UPES design scholars have to say:

Kushagra Dhall (B.Des. Transportation and Mobility Design, 2020): Life at UPES is full of delights, with never ending opportunities for students to explore. One can join societies for dramatics, dance and other learning and recreational activities. While studying B.Des. at UPES, I got the opportunity to learn from automotive industry experts.”

Somasree Basak (M.Des. Product Design, 2017): Design is a journey. My journey started with the School of Design. I travelled halfway across the country when I got an opportunity to work with 3D Design and Lokus Design – some of the finest design houses in India. Here, my horizon keeps expanding every day.

Arghya Roy (B.Des. Transporation and Mobility Design, 2018): The courses offered by the School of Design are non-textbook disciplines, made for creative minds who think out of the box. In my course, students are encouraged to go out and interact with the outside world to learn about the design possibilities in everyday life. This is the basis of learning at the UPES School of Design – Education through Exploration.

Have a look at the video below:

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