How Client Counselling Competitions nurture law students

Preeti Aneja

The writer is an experienced academician with expertise in curriculum development, soft-skills, e-learning and organisational development. In her current role as a marketing communications specialist, she crafts impactful stories about student and faculty experiences as well as business education.

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4 Responses

  1. Rohan Singh says:

    Well it has harnessed my skill to deal with different people.. not only while dealing with client but day to day people with utmost patience and leaned the art to dig the inner fact and real situation out of which I was able to go through lot more competitions.

  2. Anshit Minocha says:

    For sure, Client Counselling Competitons aims at nurturing future lawyers and also giving them an insight into the potential clients which they will be dealing with in the future.

  3. Saket sharma says:

    Being a lawyer you should know how to advise people who seek assistance in knowing legal implications of their action. Client counselling here, come in the play. It teaches you to deal with the problems of people and give them insight about the remedies available.

  4. Arnab Goswami says:

    Very informative and helpful for first year students to plan their Upcoming 5 years in the Law school.

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