How digital transformation is reshaping the aviation sector

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8 Responses

  1. My heartiest congratulations! for discussing the innovations in aviation industry.


    Thanks for outlining the technology interface in Aviation Industry.

  3. VIKAS KUMAR says:

    Very informative and technical subject written in a very lucid manner. Thank you for making complex things so simple to understand.

  4. Simmi Tikoo says:

    Good Bharati ,for putting the changing transformation the Airports & the Aviation industry is going through.

  5. Wing Commander RK Yadav says:

    Very nicely put Ma’m.
    Technology is going to take over more and more spaces in the field of Aviation. Even the cockpit would be totally automated in the times to come.

  6. Raghav Pagare says:

    Such an informative piece of work. With changing market dynamics, digitalisation is turning out to be one of the best ways to make things effective and efficient both for various stakeholders of the aviation industry.

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