Here’s How MBA @ UPES Will Make a Difference in Your Career

A degree in MBA not just adds value to the profile of a candidate but also benefits the career in many ways. MBA as career option is a highly sought-after degree and many MNCs and organizations have made it as a standard job qualification for most of the positions.

At UPES School of Business (SoB), we combine facets of economic and management principles to provide our students with programs that are industry-aligned.

MBA as career option
MBA as a Career Option

Our programs focus on domains like International Business, Infrastructure, Energy, Analytics and Transportation. The industry-aligned MBA programs with a carefully crafted curriculum is what makes all the difference.

UPES School of Business equips MBA graduates with skills that help comprehend the needs of a business while making them excellent decision makers.  Grooming starts from day one to make each MBA student a strong team player, domain expert and eventually a global manager with deep understanding of the sector. The sector-specific knowledge imparted through our carefully crafted curriculum imparts a deep understanding of the field even to those students who are new to the sector.

Why Choose MBA?


UPES School of Business offers paid internships – national and international. Has partnerships with leading business and corporate giants, offers lectures from industry veterans and has a phenomenal placement record of 96%.

Our academic council has close to 50% members from the industry. Before any changes are implemented to the curriculum or teaching methodology, they pass through the industry lens for approval. This is done with an aim to ensure a positive outcome from the program and to enhance the career prospects of the students.

Students of UPES School of Business are given adequate exposure to the industry through summer internships. All our MBA students get to experience the corporate life, know the culture and gather hands-on working experience. Through workshops, seminars, and guest lectures offered by management professionals, students get acquainted to the professional world even before the completion of the course.

To know more about MBA as career option, UPES MBA Fees Structure 2019 and more about the benefits of this rewarding degree, keep watching this space.

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