How MUNs nurture students to become future leaders

Model United Nations (MUNs) provide a platform for students to polish their presentation, documentation and oratorial skills, besides cultivating deep insights on matters of global governance

The UPES MUN Club founded in 2012 hosts International Model United Nations Conference every year. The UPES International MUN is one of the most prestigious diplomatic events in the entire North Indian MUN circuit. The UPES MUN Club also organises MUN workshops to spread awareness amongst students. The club has organised several intra and inter Dehradun MUN conferences for students of various college and schools. Every year 300-400 delegates from institutes like NLU Odisha, St. Josephs School, GGDSD College, GD Goenka, Utkal University and from countries like Sudan, Nepal, Mexico and France, etc., participate in the UPES Annual MUN Conference.

This year, too, they had plans to host International MUN Conference in April, but due to the pandemic, it has been put  on hold.

According to Kumar Utkarsh, President, UPES MUN Club,

“Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Participants get a Study Guide before the conference starts, which briefly outlines both topics and gives a tentative idea of the subject matter. Based on the study guide and the research done, the participants have to write a position paper before the actual conference begins, outlining the point of view of each country previously assigned to the participant.”

MUN provides a platform for students to learn and understand the policies and frameworks at a deeper level as opposed to superficial knowledge of the subject. It allows the participants to engage in discussions pertaining to international events and sensitizes them towards the various economic, social and military problems faced by countries, eventually paving the way for peaceful coexistence and prosperity. Students, apart from gaining valuable insights on inter-relatedness of things happening in the world, also learn what it takes be a diplomat and a leader.

Utkarsh recounts his first experience of attending a workshop conducted by the UPES MUN Club in 2016. “The sheer quality of intellect, rigour and purpose, I discovered there, ignited me to work more towards spreading awareness about MUN. I participated in the Intra-Dehradun and the International MUN organised by the club that year. I joined the organising team and continuously stepping up the ladder, today, I lead the team as its President. Being here has helped me to gain a bigger perspective. I also believe that the confidence and people skills I gained here helped me to secure a placement at Nestle in my first attempt,” he says.

The sheer quality of intellect, rigour and purpose, I discovered there, ignited me to work more towards spreading awareness about MUN

The club is committed to upholding the highest standards in terms of compliance, content and student experience. UPES MUN Club has always served the intellectual interests of students and has operated on a no-profit model while allowing all enthusiasts across the globe to participate.

MUNs provide a pedestal to students for upskilling and networking, essential for law and management professionals. MUNs are one the most diverse events when it comes to utility and soft skills necessary to carve out an advantage in niche fields. Model UN teaches you to remove your personal emotions and look at problems rationally and objectively.

MUNs provide a pedestal to students for upskilling and networking

The exposure enhances the employability factor of students, as they feel much more confident in putting forward their ideas and working with new people.

“Model United Nations conference is a wonderful forum for students to understand global issues. Students study the intricacies of the issues, the history, and the resolutions thereof. It helps students gain leadership skills, debating prowess, knowledge of law, international relations, diplomacy, research, report writing, consensus-building, conflict resolution and cooperation. Insights into global issues and problems motivates youngsters to think about solutions,” explains  Dr Vinita Singh, Associate Professor, UPES School of Law, and Convener, UPES MUN Club.


  1. UPES MUN Club does not only shape our futures as better speaker, but also, it helps us grow as individuals. Interactive sessions, debates, discussing points, dissenting points, are a part and parcel of MUNs. But more than that, UPES MUN Club has taught us to be better listeners before being the best speaker. I have worked with this Club since my first year and the personality development over the years makes me proud of myself. I got to learn so many things, either as a delegate or as an organizer.
    Kudos to our team and a big thank you to our organization for supporting MUNs throughout! 🙂

  2. UPES MUN Club has been a family to me since my initial days in university. Club helped me to grow as the person, I’m today. With constant support of the faculties and our seniors we have maintained the legacy that was passed to us.
    With us you not only work on your debating, but come out as an individual with enhanced skills in all spheres of professional life.

  3. The will to carry on whatever roles and responsibilities provided no matter whatever the situation or whatever the time. These are the values we have inherited from our seniors and this is the legacy we will carry on.

  4. This is an amazing initiative and program for students.

    Such platform will not only give participants the required confidence but also tremendously increase their professional network.

    Both these aspects will be very instrumental in all success they will achieve in future.

    All the best to all stakeholders.

  5. UPES MUN has always been very special. Perhaps the best MUN of Doon circuit. For me it has been more special since as a student it was my first MUN experience. Now being a faculty at UPES I can say it boldly that MUN is not just another CV building activity, but a much bigger learning experience and teamwork activity. I encourage all students irrespective of their branches to take part in UPES MUNs.

    1. Great joyanta sir, working with you as School of Law faculty influencer has given me a chance to know you as a dedicated and sincere law professional.
      The way you encourage you and nurture your students is commendable.
      We are proud to have faculty members like you.

  6. I completely agree with Preety Aneja, MUNs and similar activities helps students grow immensely. Best of luck to all the students who are active in MUNs. Do join this club of UPES.

    1. Yeah dear Prachi, please connect with the concerned team via their facebook and instagram handles. They would be more than happy to hear from you.

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