5 Useful Tips for Overcoming Exam Fear

Reduce exam fear

Exams! Exams! Exams!

Exam fear is a common problem among students of all age groups. Students become nervous or panic-stricken when exams are around the corner. Students usually undergo a lot of stress during exam time and the fear of underperforming is constantly on their minds. Exam stress can have a negative effect on students’ health and academic performance as well. In order to avoid this, students should try and remain calm. Parents and teachers can help students let go of anxiety and fear and prepare well for their exams. Given below are some points which can help overcome exam fear:

  • Start revising early: Students who give themselves enough time for thorough revision will write their exams well, feel more confident, thereby keeping exam stress and fear at bay.  If students start their revision early, it will help them in better understanding and recollection. If students start preparing well ahead of the exam, they can focus on all the topics. Revision should not be left for the last minute.
  • Avoid binge studying: Exam time does not mean waking up all night. Students often study the whole night without taking rest. This is not advisable, as they will not be able to concentrate well while writing their exams. Students should take proper rest at night and afternoon as it will give rest to their brain and eyes. Adequate sleep will help students relax, focus and concentrate better. A minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep during the night is essential for students to cope up with the exam pressure.
Reduce Exam Fear

Adequate sleep will help students relax, focus and concentrate better.
  • Eat healthy:  Generally, during exam time students neglect their eating habits. Students resort to packaged and junk food, or caffeinated drinks. This can make them feel drowsy and sluggish. Also, it will have a negative impact on their academic performance. Instead, they should eat wholesome and nutritional foods. These include eggs, dairy products, chicken, fresh fruits and dark green vegetables. Brain-healthy foods like walnuts and fish can also be helpful.
Reduce Exam Fear

Students should always eat wholesome and nutritional foods.
  • Avoid comparisons: Students are generally in a habit of comparing themselves with others. They tend to enquire about their friend’s progress, level of preparation and count on their hours of study. This can be avoided as it can lead to stress and anxiety. Instead, you should focus on your preparation and utilise your time well.
  • Stay positive: Being optimistic is important in all walks of life. Throughout the exam time, it is important to stay positive. Students should be confident of themselves and believe that they will perform well in the exam.  Some breathing exercises and meditation can help students stay positive.

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