Importance of specializations in Computer Science

Ever since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989, technology has been growing exponentially and has penetrated every aspect of our lives – both personal and professional. In this hyper-connected world, where everything from government infrastructure to banking to interpersonal relationships is online, Computer Science graduates are going to be in high demand in the near future

Right from being a games developer to an IT and communications services manager, there is a range of career opportunities that Computer Science graduates can explore today. In these dynamic times, it becomes critical to choose the right specialization that nurtures your aspirations.

Dr. Monit Kapoor, Head of the Department of Cybernetics, School of Computer Science, UPES, moderated a panel with eminent experts to bring out some useful insights for students. The panellists included:

  • Dr. Manish Prateek: Professor & Dean, School of Computer Science
  • Mr. Ayush Vardhan: Software Development Engineer, DBS Bank

Some excerpts of their foreword to future engineers:

Students and parents frequently ask questions about Computer Science specializations offered by UPES at the time of admission. Your comments.

Manish: The pre-requisites of a good engineer can be summarised as follows: Affinity to subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with the passion to become an engineer.  Whether it is Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a hyper-specialisation in Computer Science like the Internet of Things, an engineer’s job is to make machines that can simplify and upgrade living. When one fills the form for admission, the expectation should not be to know everything in the background. It should be to learn something new in a new place with new people.

How can a student choose a specialization from all the programs offered at UPES?

Manish: Essentially, everything comes down to the study of Computer Science. Having said that, hypothetically if a student is good at Probability & Statistics in Mathematics, then Artificial Language and Machine Learning is an obvious choice, not Graphics and Gaming. As far as the importance of a specialisation is concerned, every field is extremely relevant and will continue to be in the future. The rumours about any of the specialisations coming to a near close are baseless.

How does the association with Computer Science giants like IBM and Xebia with UPES benefit the students and the faculty?

Manish: IBM continues to be the giant of Computer Science and Information Technology industry and they are there to stay. UPES has a strong association with other key players of the industry as well and the advantages are manifold. Industry experts come over to the campus to deliver lectures, conduct workshops and provide training to the students. The faculty at the School of Computer Science also benefit through training and industry outreach programs. Along with that, our students get to intern at multiple avenues, which helps them in building their concepts and skills. 

(Compiled by Pradeep Jagwan)  To watch the rest of the interview, click here:

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