International internships amidst COVID-19

Preeti Aneja

The writer is an experienced academician with expertise in curriculum development, soft-skills, e-learning and organisational development. In her current role as a marketing communications specialist, she crafts impactful stories about student and faculty experiences as well as business education.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity sir ….. We will give our best and make UPES proud

  2. Sumiyah Rabbani says:

    In this time of distress our teachers and univeristy has made sure we do not miss out any opportunity which would open up new paths for our future. Thankyou Dr. Atri sir and UPES for introducing us with this platform. We will perform with all our efforts and will give it our all to make UPES and our teacher proud.

  3. Aashi jain says:

    Teachers like you are the reason for the motivation among students during these hard times. I really appreciate your efforts sir , no matter what circumstances are you ensure that our career won’t suffer. A big thanks to you .

  4. Dr. Jayaraj says:

    The internationalization in higher education reigns highly on the agendas of higher education systems globally. Appreciate the efforts of Dr. Atri Nautiyal for providing relevant opportunities to the students of International Business! Congrats SoB!

  5. Akash Jindal says:

    I would like to express my gratitude towards , Dr Githa Heggde Mam, Dean/Director School Of Business, UPES, Dr. Atri Nautiyal Sir, Dr. Jayaraj Rajaiah Sir and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies for giving me an access to this versatile platform. I look forward to bring the best results from the Internship.

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