Internship Opportunities for Students in Dehradun

Internship opportunities

Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace, and with the growth and development, the industries look for talents, skills, professionals and experience which are needed to be a part of the economy. The market is competitive and challenging at the same time. Practical work knowledge and expertise play an important role in shaping the personality of the students and will give them the exposure to become the leaders of tomorrow. Due to this, internship opportunities are becoming a key part of the college experience for all students. Students during their graduation and post-graduation should go for internships which can help them learn new things, become confident and shape their overall personality. Students in their vacations can intern with the following organizations and utilize their time.

Internship Opportunities in Dehradun

Internship opportunities are becoming a key part of the college experience for all students.
  1. Waste Warriors: Waste Warriors is an NGO based in Dehradun that tackles the problem of waste and runs projects in Dharamshala and Jim Corbet Reserve as well. The NGO runs a door to door waste collection service, clean hiking trails, manage projects and host clean-ups to transform rural areas from garbage ridden areas into neat and clean places. Interning with an NGO like Waste Warriors is a great opportunity to learn a lot of things. The organisation will give you exposure to use all those skills you have gained in your college.
  2. Orbosys: This organisation provides a platform for students to pursue digital marketing internship, web design and development in Dehradun along with relevant knowledge of sales and marketing. From digital marketing to web design and development Orbosys looks for passionate young individuals. Students while interning get a wonderful experience of the evolving digital industry. The internship will help the graduates give a basic knowledge about sales, marketing and digital marketing which is an important part of any organization.
  3. MAD: Another reputed NGO based in Dehradun is MAD. It is an established, exciting and energetic organization that provides a unique platform to create positive change in the lives of children all over the country. The NGO will help you grow and develop as you will evaluate, implement and document a lot of projects and take part in numerous activities.
  4. Times Of India: Nothing can be better than interning with the famous and a well-known brand Times of India. The popular media house engages students in writing articles related to social, economic, political and other important information. This gives students an insight as to how a media house operates; while at the same time enhancing their reading and writing skills.
  5. Sage Publications: This publishing house is the leading international provider of informative, innovative, high-quality content. SAGE publishes a lot of journals and new books each year. This platform is great for students who are passionate about reading and writing. The primary roles and responsibilities here involve undertaking all data processing activities, maintenance, enhancing and development of SAGE customer data as required, undertaking projects and activities as required to enhance core customer and prospect data and identifying the gaps and duplicity in the data.

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