Heaven it was!

Lakshmi Kaushik - UPES Alumni

I don’t want to go to that place again,
No, it didn’t give me any kind of pain
It’s just that I love it the most,
And I never wanted to leave it at any cost.

The way I entered to play that game,
And the way I left was not the same.
Within myself, I saw a lot of change,
I started seeing the world from a wider range!

Life was perfect, the way it was,
We loved ourselves, accepting all our flaws.
The reasons were many,
The UPES saga was worth every penny!

The 2-minute noodles, the 3 a.m. Mussoorie,
The night owls us, sharing our secret story!
For some, it was their first relation,
For some, their first vacation.
Some enjoyed their first smoke,
Some brooded as their heart broke.

Everyone had their own ‘first’.
Rains, mountains, sunshine and gust.
The bike trip, the love triangle,
Love interests that were difficult to handle,
Pleasure rides to Haridwar and Rishikesh,
And the thrill of returning to the base.

Yes, I don’t want to go to that place,
Feels like I’m trapped in life’s race,
Truly, it was the city of love,
Heaven it was, with clouds above!

[Lakshmi Kaushik is a UPES alumni (School of Engineering, Batch 2015-19) and is currently, working as Design Engineer Trainee in Tata Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd in Noida, Uttar Pradesh]

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