Life of a law student: Things you should know

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  1. Aritraa Dhar says:

    Congratulations Muskaan & It was worth reading.

    • Muskaan Singh says:

      Thank you Aritraa Sir, indeed the life of a law student is an adventurous yet a memorable experience!

  2. Jaivardhan says:

    Great article indeed the life of a law student is an amazing ride!
    Great execution of article and minute details have been given importance too.

  3. Sneh Singh says:

    Great Article Muskaan Singh
    Keep it up!!

  4. ASMITA SHUKLA says:

    Very well demonstrated??

  5. Aastha says:

    Its so good know that a student even in 1st year gets a chance to participate.
    Thank you muskaan !

    • Muskaan Singh says:

      True Astha, UPES provides its 1st year students with a platform where they can without hesitation bring out the lawyers in them!

  6. Divyanshi maheshwari says:

    Amazing work !?

  7. Swati Gahlot says:

    Well articulated article.The writer is immensely talented.I wish her success in her future endeavors.

  8. Anshit Minocha says:

    Briefly summed up the experience ? Very well written

  9. Pramod Sharma says:

    I am impressed to read your blog. It’s not only informing the life of law student But also reflecting your understanding on your selected career and responsibility of law student towards society.
    Congratulations to you, your teachers and top of all your parents who encouraged you to follow your dreams. Now, your dreams are not only yours it becomes ours.
    Wish you all the very best for your Shining Career in Law.

    • Muskaan Singh says:

      Thank you so much Pramod Sir for your kind words. I am proud to select law as my career and definitely hold utmost responsibility towards the society. Thank you for your support!

  10. Navsirat kaur says:

    Very well written?

  11. Priyanshi Gupta says:

    Amazing Muskaan, very well written??

  12. Suneyana Solanki says:

    Great article on showcasing the life of a law student. You can get to know all information at one shot. One can start visualising the same while reading it. Well written, All the Best.

  13. Archita Satsangi says:

    Very well articulated Muskaan! A great description of the amazing ride of law school!

  14. Vritant Garg says:

    Such a nice article, brilliant

  15. Pragati says:

    Nicely written well articulated, proud of you

  16. Harshul Mehta says:

    Very well written . Can feel too .
    Congratulations ❤️

  17. Dheeraj Chouhan says:

    Great Muskaan?

  18. DR JUHI GARG says:

    Very well drafted blog , good read ?

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