MBA Degree: Yes or No? Let’s clear the path for you

Career options after MBA

Many students are opting for an MBA degree as it is accepted worldwide. Due to this, more and more universities are including MBA specialisations in their curriculum. MBA is generally a two-year full-time MBA course. Some of the popular MBA specialisations are management, marketing, operations, human resources, finance, accounting, healthcare, sales, oil and gas, and management. MBA curriculum will give students an in-depth knowledge about these specialisations. Apart from this, students are taught certain skills like critical thinking, managerial skills, and innovation. One of the prestigious degrees, MBA opens doors to many career opportunities. Read below to know some:

  • Financial manager: In today’s competitive world, many companies rely on the expertise of financial managers. The primary role of financial managers is to take care of all the financial activities, profits, and losses, handle mergers and acquisitions, cash management, investments, budgets and transactions of companies. Additionally, financial managers help companies meet their fiscal objectives. Individuals after pursuing MBA in banking and finance can work as loan officers, financial consultants, investment bankers, business relationship manager and so on.
Career opportunities after MBA Degree

An MBA degree will help you acquire certain skills like creativity, managerial skills, analytical thinking and developing new strategies.
  • Marketing manager: Marketing managers will help companies to expand into new markets and promote existing products and services. This will help in increasing sales and thereby generate revenue for the company. Marketing managers do a proper analysis of the ongoing trends, market analysis and develop new marketing campaigns. They will help them grow in cut-throat competition. Brand manager, digital marketing, sales manager, market research analyst, and business development manager are some of the career options after a specialisation in marketing.
  • Information System Management: An MBA in information system requires a technology-focused professional who can identify fresh and up-to-date technologies for the smooth functioning of the organisation. The usage of right technology is extremely important for every department. Computer Science Project Manager, Information Technology Manager, Computer Networking Manager, Information Security Manager, are some of the career options after MBA in IT.
  • Entrepreneurship: An MBA degree will help you acquire certain skills like creativity, managerial skills, analytical thinking and developing new strategies. All these skills are of utmost importance if you are keen on starting your own business venture.
  • Data analytics: “Big Data” is the next big thing in this phase of the digital revolution. Big Data is becoming important for all kinds of business organizations, be it banking, media houses, education sector retail, e-commerce or management. As a result, many universities have started offering data analytics as an important part of their MBA programs. Some career options after pursuing data analytics are data analyst, business analyst, market research analyst, business intelligence manager and data scientist.
  • Human Resource Management: A lucrative career option, MBA in human resource management opens doors for several career opportunities. One can work as a trainee manager, employee relation manager, employment or placement manager and many others. One of the most demanding professions, a human resource professional plays an important role in the organisation.

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