More ‘Shakti’ to all girl students with 25% scholarship

UPES launched the ‘Shakti’ initiative to accelerate women’s journey from the classroom to the boardroom

Education is the most suitable tool to empower an individual in making their mark. It enables them to pursue a career of their choice, gives them business skills, develops their personality, and gives them a voice of their own. Today, when patriarchal mindset, gender stereotyping, and a lack of financial support are restraining women from pursuing higher education, it becomes imperative to foster an environment that identifies and hones the Shakti of each woman and encourages them to lead and inspire others as well.

UPES launched the ‘Shakti’ initiative to accelerate women’s journey from the classroom to the boardroom. Furthermore, we strive to identify and hone the Shakti of a woman enabling her to work towards her ambitions, lead workforces, cultivate a no-glass-ceiling mindset, and contribute to the growth of the nation. To achieve this, girl students enrolling from the academic year 2020 will receive a 25% scholarship on the tuition fees. The scholarship will apply to the entire program duration for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Students also benefit from a cutting-edge learning management system, Engineering+, Coursera, advanced labs, learned faculty, international exposure, and top-notch recruiters. With over 150 specializations taught in eight schools, students can easily opt for the course of their choice.

Beyond the scholarship, UPES has been working towards empowering women of all age groups through its CSR wing. It has undertaken several initiatives that help women focus on their development through formal education, skill training, and personality grooming. The Shakti program – part of the Shakti initiative – trains women in adaptive skills, business and professional communication, emotional intelligence, and team management. Five modules, each meticulously designed for holistic development, cover areas of personal assessment, leadership training, and personal branding. A few of the Shakti graduates are Surabhi Sharma (IndiGo), Rashika Srivastava (Rcube Healthcare), Shivangi Jain (Empeeps), Monika Sharma (School of Engineering), Yukti Mahi Bawa (School of Law), and Shubhangi Verma (School of Business).

UPES has declared 2020 as the ‘Year of Women Empowerment.’ We are committed to providing world-class, industry-ready education and an inclusive social and academic environment that inspires girls to strive for their ambitions, lead by example, and break the glass ceiling. To know more about the programmes and admissions for 2020, visit

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