My life revolves around books

After authoring and co-authoring several technical books, I am now looking forward to writing on subjects such as spirituality and work-life balance

I had always dreamt of writing a book of my own, see it published, then walk into a bookstore and find it on the shelf. It almost seemed unbelievable when that dream turned into a reality and my first book ‘E-Banking and Security Transactions’ got published in the year 2005.

It was a matter of immense pride and motivation for me to get appreciation on the success of my first book. At present, with its third edition in circulation, this book is included in the curriculum of BCA program in Ajmer University, University of Jodhpur, University of Kota and the University of Udaipur. 

Gradually, I started receiving numerous proposals for writing books, not only from various national and local publishers, but also from senior academicians to be a co-author.

I wrote another book titled ‘Computer Fundamentals,’ whose 2nd edition is in circulation now. It was also included as a textbook in the BBA program of the University of Rajasthan, the University of Ajmer, the University of Jodhpur and the University of Kota. 

My other book titled ‘E-Commerce’ was widely accepted as a textbook in the curricula of BBA in the University of Jodhpur, the University of Rajasthan and the University of Udaipur. 

It gave me a sense of gratification that books authored by me titled ‘Fundamentals of Computer’, ‘Computer Fundamental and PC Software’, ‘Fundamentals of Internet and PC Web Programming’ and ‘Computer Application in Management’ were praised by several universities in Rajasthan and included as a textbook in the syllabus of various programs like BBA in the University of Rajasthan, BCA in Bikaner University and MBA in Rajasthan Technical University.

I never stopped and kept on writing other technical books such as ‘Information Technology for Management’, ‘Java Technologies (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, & J2ME Basics)’ including Abstract Series for MBA, Abstract Series for Organization Behaviour, and all-in-one books for first, second and third-year BCA, respectively. 

Every academician dreams of working with an internationally-acclaimed publisher like Springer and so did I. My dream was fulfilled when I recently edited a book titled ‘Pervasive Computing: A Networking Perspective and Future Directions’ in 2019, which was published by Springer Nature, Singapore Pte Ltd. 

Springer Nature, Singapore invited me to author another upcoming book titled ‘Smart Health Systems’. Along with this, another book named ‘System Analysis and Design’, with BPB Publishers, New Delhi, is under publication.

After authoring and co-authoring different technical books, now I am looking forward to working on my other dream book projects on subjects like spirituality at the workplace and work-life balance for working women in India, to name a few, as a solo author.

This is just the beginning of my journey as an author. I have miles to go before I sleep.

(Prof. Deepshikha Bhargava is Professor and HoD (Virtualization) at School of Computer Science, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun)

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