India’s design market has boomed immensely and wherever we look, there is design incorporated in some form or another. Design is used in advertising, marketing, branding, fashion, interiors, products, movies…

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Smart agriculture

7 Reasons to Consider Agribusiness as your Career

What is Agribusiness? Does the mention of the term ‘Agribusiness’ bring the image of workers toiling under the sun to your mind? This is a usual misconception about a career…

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UPES Rahul Sharma

The Pursuit of Happiness

Life is not easy. It never was. Overcoming all the challenges that come our way, battling all the imperfections and turning them into our strengths,  is what life is all…

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ulaw and upes

Professional Development Workshop Organised by The University of Law, UK and UPES School of Law

In a University, it is imperative to exchange ideas, teaching pedagogy, and give students an overall exposure to make them professionally ready for the international market. University of Petroleum and…

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B-Schools trends 2020

The Business of B-Schools – 5 Trends That Will Change the Way B-Schools Work

Demonstrating cues of a rebound, the Indian economy has begun treading the floors of recovery. The mast that was bent during the storm of slowdown shows signs of standing upright,…

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devender saini

Faculty Brings Laurels to UPES

Intro: Work done by Dr Devender Saini, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UPES School of Engineering, has been adopted by Southern Railways to reduce fault-finding time in Electric Traction Lines. India…

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Lakshmi Kaushik - UPES Alumni

Heaven it was!

I don’t want to go to that place again, No, it didn’t give me any kind of pain It’s just that I love it the most, And I never wanted…

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UPES partners with Drishti

Industry Collaborations With UPES School of Health Sciences

UPES partners with Drishti Eye Institute Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Drishti Eye Institute.  This collaboration will provide clinical and experiential training to students….

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student studying for exam


Health sciences is the discipline of applied sciences which deals with the health of humans and animals. Health sciences primarily involves two fields. The first one is the study, research,…

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Girl Education

How education can dispel gender stereotypes

Parents and educators are key facilitators who can help dispel stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing higher education. And one of the best ways to do that is to create…

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