Evolution of Agritech

Evolution of AgriTech: Experts show the way

UPES students stand to benefit from the insights of advisory board members, comprising a diverse set of experts The Industrial Revolution changed the face of agriculture forever. Humankind was able…

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artificial intelligence

Strengthening on-the-ground journalists using Artificial Intelligence

While AI cannot take over a story told from the ground, it can play a huge role in keeping the reporter ahead. It is a tool that can inform a…

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These are the best-paying jobs that a degree in media can unlock

India and the world needs media professionals who can leverage the best from the world of academia and the industry. The best will originate from the cusp of the classroom,…

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My first-ever scratch project

From creating a vertical hanging garden out of old broken wooden frames and bamboo water bottle holder, to using the old telephones and ballcocks as an art installation, we tried…

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Center for Aviation, UPES, recognised as Center for Excellence by IATA

IATA has conferred this recognition upon the Centre for Aviation at UPES based on the professional capabilities exhibited in terms of the number of students enrolled, attaining higher graduate rate…

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Future trends in healthcare to look out for

What seemed to be science fiction, has started to become a reality. With the advancements in technology, the future is set to be exciting and challenging Artificial Intelligence is monitoring…

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STEM girls

Preparing girl students for ‘New Collar Jobs’ in STEM

UPES under its ‘Shakti’ initiative, offers 25% scholarship on tuition fees for all girl students for the complete program duration ‘She is a woman. Oh! She can’t excel in science…

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Alternative law careers: What to do if you don’t want to be a lawyer?

An education in law isn’t supposed to bind you to one career choice. It should be an enabler A career in law is one of the most respectable ones in…

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online learning

Aiming for excellence in the online education ecosystem

Dr Alka Dwiwedi is leading a prestigious David Wilson Award grant project on ‘Improving Teaching Effectiveness in E-Learning Environment’. She aims to introduce some innovative pedagogies for the benefit of…

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digital media

Digital media: New horizons for the digital world

Technology has empowered traditional media to break into the digital world – combining data, image, visual and interactivity, thus bringing a new experience altogether, rich with content for better audience…

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