Career options after MBA

MBA Degree: Yes or No? Let’s clear the Path for you

Many students are opting for an MBA degree as it is accepted worldwide. Due to this, more and more universities are including MBA specialisations in their curriculum. MBA is generally…

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The Perfect Guide to Become a Nutritionist

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is a multidisciplinary school that gives exposure to different aspects of healthcare including pharmacy, food and nutrition, management and technology. The interdisciplinary program focusses…

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Healthy Eating Tips

You Must do These 6 Things to be at your Best Health

With easy access to late-night food delivery, street food, and other fattier food, it’s no surprise that many college students gain weight when they go to college. Unhealthy diet and…

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Mental Health

5 Simple Ways for College Students to become Mentally Stronger

In today’s busy schedules, it is common for youngsters to ignore their health. When we talk about health, it is important that we focus on mental health as well. Due…

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Online courses

Keep yourself Up-To-Date with these Interesting Online Courses

Nowadays, receiving a good quality education with a constant focus on life-long learning has become very important. Thanks to the world wide web, many educational institutes have started adopting the…

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Sales or Marketing

Sales or Marketing: A Complete Analysis of the Two

                                     Specialisation in marketing and sales is an excellent career option for students to excel in their lives. After all, it is one of the most sought-after specialisations amongst students…

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MBA degree after engineering

Is an MBA after Engineering a Good Idea?

Should engineers opt for an MBA degree after graduation? Well! The exact answer is it depends on the specific students, his or her interests, capabilities and career goals. However, an…

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You cannot Photoshop Personality! Essential Personality Traits that will help Students Succeed

When it comes to college students, we all talk about scores, examinations, internships, projects, additional courses and things only related to academics. But apart from these, there are many other…

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Do you have an interview lined up? 6 Essential tips to crack an interview

In the job-hunting phase, people put in a lot of effort in designing their resumes, cover letters, determine which companies to apply to, and build a strong network. All these…

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Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management: Job Roles and Career Opportunities

Skilled management is essential for every company to run smoothly and to keep everything in check. For this, the role of an HR professional comes into the picture. HR professionals…

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