You cannot Photoshop Personality! Essential Personality Traits that will help Students Succeed

When it comes to college students, we all talk about scores, examinations, internships, projects, additional courses and things only related to academics. But apart from these, there are many other…

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Do you have an interview lined up? 6 Essential tips to crack an interview

In the job-hunting phase, people put in a lot of effort in designing their resumes, cover letters, determine which companies to apply to, and build a strong network. All these…

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Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management: Job Roles and Career Opportunities

Skilled management is essential for every company to run smoothly and to keep everything in check. For this, the role of an HR professional comes into the picture. HR professionals…

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fashion designer

Here’s why Fashion Designing is an Exciting Career Option in Recent Times

Do you have a creative bent of mind? Are you fond of sketching? If yes, then fashion designing is an exciting career choice for you. The study of fashion allows…

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National Sports Day 2019: Significance, Theme, and Benefits of Sports For Students

29th August 2019 marks the 115th birth anniversary of the hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. In order to pay a tribute to the phenomenal player, Major Dhyan Chand, the day…

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Things Freshers should Keep in Mind Before Joining a University

Folks, you have officially left behind the confines of the school gates, bid goodbye to parent-teacher meetings, packed your school uniform inside and got away with those boring morning assemblies….

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Dehradun is India’s Education Hub for All the Right Reasons

Dehradun is synonymous to education. This beautiful city with Himalayan ranges in the backdrop is dubbed as India’s education hub and carries the label of “school capital of India”. In the…

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Internship opportunities

Internship Opportunities for Students in Dehradun

Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace, and with the growth and development, the industries look for talents, skills, professionals and experience which are needed to be a part…

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Software Engineering vs Software Development

What is the Difference Between Software Engineer and Software Developer?

Software engineering and developer are two interrelated terms and many people would think there is no difference between the two. But as a matter of fact, there are major dissimilarities…

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Healthy eating

Health is Wealth! Eat wise, Drop a Size

College students have a busy schedule and they undergo a lot of stress. Amidst their classes, assignments, projects, and several exams, students generally ignore their health. Students may skip their…

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