Sales or Marketing: A Complete Analysis of the Two

Sales or Marketing


Specialisation in marketing and sales is an excellent career option for students to excel in their lives. After all, it is one of the most sought-after specialisations amongst students as it offers several opportunities for growth and development for students. Since the two are so closely related to each other and the sole objective of the two is to generate maximum revenue, one tends to get confused as to how the two are different from each other. Well! There is a very thin line that differentiates the two. In the following article, let us explain the difference between sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing are two terms we often hear about them together. The two departments, sales, and marketing are closely linked with each other and often require both the departments to work together. Though closely intertwined, sales and marketing are two completely different fields that require different skills and abilities.

Marketing is something that will promote sales. Any organization requires the necessary funds to drive its sales. If the organization does not have enough budget or funds for marketing, then the business might run into losses. Marketing plays a pivotal role in selling. Effective and innovative marketing techniques will help the sales team find prospective buyers throughout the sales cycle. Although sales and marketing are two completely different departments in most organizations, integration between the two can help achieve the company’s targets, enhance overall performance in terms of both profit and revenue.

Marketing always comes first as it involves advertising a particular product. It also involves the process of identifying the marketplace and customer’s needs and wants.

Sales and marketing

Marketing plays a pivotal role in selling.

On the other hand, sales are equally important. Marketing is all about getting a product known in the potential market.  Sales primarily involve selling what is actually in stock. The sole function of the sales team is to sell specific products and services. It further involves building relationships with customers, organizations, clients or channel partners. It also involves door to door selling, explains the customers about the products, its uses, and benefits, negotiate prices and make sure that the customer’s requirements are fulfilled.

The sales job is extremely important as if the targets are not completed, there may not be any revenue for that particular week, month or quarter. 

Sales and marketing

Sales primarily involve selling what is actually in stock.

To conclude no organization can prosper without either department. Marketing involves the efforts to convert the market requirements into effective tools and measures to attract the buyers, build relationships and then further develop leads. Without sales, marketing efforts run short. Without marketing, sales cannot generate enough profits. Therefore, the company has to focus on both the push and pull strategy to ensure that the business generates maximum profits.

From the student’s perspective, sales and marketing have a lot of career opportunities and the two are booming fields as every organization requires sales and marketing professionals. Students should look for universities that offer sales and marketing specializations, have industry partnerships and have a safe and secure campus. A university like UPES is one such educational platform that offers students proper knowledge about the subject while at the same time ensuring personality development.

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