Shivam Ohri is this year's student lead at UPES for Google Developer Student Club

In today’s digital age, I think knowing how to use Google is more important than your janam patri’ tells 60 years old Namrata aunty to Shivam Ohri. Shivam is a 3rd year student of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Graphics and Gaming at UPES. Namrata aunty is overwhelmed to learn from him how Google can help someone like her and her husband in accessing new information though they don’t know English and can even help their tiny food shop to flourish.

Shivam has been chosen as the Student Lead for the Google Developer Student Club (DSC) on UPES campus for the 2017-18 academic year. He has been selected after he stood out impressively during the application and the interview process. As student lead Shivam will now set up and drive the Developer Student Club initiatives within our campus. “I will create a core team of fellow students to help in planning and execution of activities that include mobile/web development workshops; events to highlight mobile solutions developed by students etc.”, says Shivam.

Shivam Ohri

He feels that there is a need for students to change their perspective and try to contribute to the betterment of society. In fact, he envisions DSC as a program to enable Diversified Social Collaboration and wants to use technology to solve real world problems. For instance, he wants to develop a mobile application to prevent road accidents.

“For me, the two Os in Google symbolizes infinity- infinite network, infinite creativity and infinite possibilities”, he shares.

DSC is a Google Developers program for university students to learn mobile and web development skills. The clubs will be open to any student, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to further their skills. The clubs are intended as a space for students to try out new ideas and collaborate to solve mobile and web development problems.

Check out Shivam’s video to know more:

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